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One Saint and Fifteen Sinners

Fifteen dudes, Saint Patrick’s day, two RVs, a Guinness factory, a car accident, kidnapping, girls from New Jersey, sheep, one torn ACL, an unfavorable exchange rate and spontaneous Riverdance. you don’t need to have a Harvard degree to know that is awesome. A bright red explosion on the monitor in front of me makes me…


Lessons Learned

As the years have progressed, my views about equity and partners have changed. I had to work to pay my way through college and was hired by a start-up owned by an HBS grad that maintained mailing lists and printed computerized direct-mail campaigns for clients ranging from local hospitals to national automobile companies and from…


Frank McCourt, Expert Storyteller, Charms Audience at GSE

Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Angela’s Ashes,” came to speak to a packed audience at the Graduate School of Education on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 about his recent memoir, “Teacher Man.” As the title reveals, prior to his whirlwind success as a best-selling author (which came about at the ripe age of 66), he…


HBS Barbarians World Championship Recap

Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. The Barbarians of the Harvard Rugby Football Club played the part of both this past weekend at the World MBA Championships. Saturday the team definitely lived a bug’s life, as it played three matches; two were against opponents that ended up playing one another in the…


St. Patrick and His Day

The 400s were a troubled time in Europe. Rome, beleaguered by civil wars and the barbarian menace, finally abandoned her British province in 410 AD. The Emperor Honorius told the leaders of Roman Britain that they must “look to their own defenses.” The powerful and ambitious Irish kingdoms on the other side of the Irish…


Treks Let HBSers Travel the Globe

Treks have always been an integral part of the HBS experience. Whether they are for job-hunting purposes or just to explore new places, there has never been a dearth of opportunity when it comes to traveling to different parts of the globe with HBS classmates. This photo of HBSers at the “Peace Line” was taken…


HBS Finishes Strong at MBA Rugby World Championships

Each year HBS Rugby trains for a full season of league play and two international tours. While victories and team-building throughout these matches are important, the real goal of these countless hours of rigorous practice and hard, fast rugby is quite simple: WIN DUKE. Held every April, the MBA Rugby World Championships are hosted by…


Club Spotlight: HBS Rugby Football Club

Each year a new class of students enters Harvard Business School, along with Harvard’s other graduate schools. All of these students and their partners are eligible to join the HBS Rugby Football Club. Each year 50% of HBS Rugby’s team also graduates, making room for new players right from the start of the first match…


Debunking the Beer Myths

There are a bunch of weird mistruths out there involving beer. Stuff that people quote as truth when they try to impress others at a party. More often than not, it makes a better quip than a fact. Though entertaining, they inevitably prove false. Following are three examples of the most common and the facts…


Driving the Tiger by John Travers (OH)

This book is a testament to seventeen remarkable Irish men and women. They have built creative, enduring enterprises through their talent, energy and initiative. They have brought pleasure to others and profit to themselves. Sixteen of them are profiled inside ‘Driving the Tiger’-the seventeenth is our distinguished fellow-student John Travers, who did much of the…


A Touch of Irish Charm at the Kennedy School

Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s Taoiseach (Gaelic for Prime Minister, pronounced “tea-shock”), addressed an overflowing Forum at the Kennedy School of Government on Wednesday night. Launching the School’s new Irish Fellows’ Program, Ahern touched upon a wide range of topics, including the events of September 11, the Northern Ireland peace process, and the state of the Irish…


Travers Celebrates U.S. Launch of New Book

Over 100 students and faculty joined John Travers (OH) in the U.S. launch of his new book about Irish entrepreneurship, Driving the Tiger, last Wednesday in the Williams Room. The event was sponsored by Travers’ section, the Entrepreneurship Club and the Student Association, and was organized by Travers’ sectionmates Steve Shafer, Richard Linder and Priya…


To our Graduating Friends, from the HBS Rugby Team,Class of 2001

Last weekend, culminating of a long and arduous season, the Harvard Business School Rugby Team participated in the World MBA Championship Tournament at Duke University. We all trained hard for this event. We promised ourselves to settle for nothing less than a victory as nothing else would appease our ambition and resolve. This time, however,…

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