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The Great Paradox of Presidential Power

Last week, my section’s EC Viewpoints discussion on “America’s role in the world” quickly and predictably segued into a discussion on American foreign policy. Tensions rose and tempers flared, but the discussion remained respectful and constructive. As the discussion closed, we brainstormed ideas on how business leaders can affect geopolitical events and how America might…


The State of the Global War on Terrorism

The State of the Global War on Terrorism General Barry R. McCaffrey speaks at the second HBS Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series for 2007. On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, retired General Barry R. McCaffrey spoke to an audience of about 150 students at Spangler Auditorium. Barry McCaffrey, president of McCaffrey Associates and chairman of…


Khatami Visit Sparks Protests at KSG

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami spoke at the Kennedy School of Government last Sunday at the invitation of KSG’s dean, David Ellwood and the faculty. His speech at the Kennedy School was part of a two-week speaking tour across five American cities, and appeared to be the first time Mr. Khatami has been able to…


Five Thoughts for a Glorious Autumn

With two rogue nations loudly proclaiming their development of nuclear technology, an extremely tenuous Middle East situation capable of erupting into renewed hostilities, African nations powerless to stem insurgent unrest, and Iraq teetering on the brink of civil war, perhaps the moment is ripe for a step back in reflection as we enter this fall…


Noam Chomsky Discusses U.S. Relations with Israel

Four hundred people packed into Spangler Auditorium last week to hear the legendary left-wing intellectual, Noam Chomksy. Another 200 had to be turned away and there was a large number of protestors and supporters outside the hall. The HBS Business, Industry and Government Club hosted Professor Chomsky, who has been a professor of Linguistics at…


Dr. David Kay, Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq: "We Got It Very Wrong."

The most destructive element of a totalitarian regime goes far beyond the tragic deaths of an untold number of people; it is the constant perpetuation of fear, for this destroys any willingness for a state’s people to cooperate or exhibit trust, resulting in the most depraved level of corruption. This downward spiral was evident in…


Events Around Town

Wed., April 9 – “An Art World Transformed: Artists and Patrons in 19th Century Calcutta.” (HUAM) Susan S. Bean, curator of South Asian and Korean art and culture, Peabody-Essex Museum. Lecture hall, Sackler Museum, 6 p.m. Thu., April 10 – “The Work of Diller + Scofidio.” (VES) Elizabeth Diller, architect, will discuss the work of…


IRAQ: The Cold Call Summary

With all the talk of war and an attack on Iraq apparently imminent, there has been an endless stream of reports and media debates over the justification and necessity of this offensive. This has increasingly led to speculation and conjecture, often with no grounding in fact or an appreciation for the circumstances of the current…


Richardson: Conservation, New Relationships are Key to Ending Energy Crisis

Energy is a commodity that we often take for granted. On Monday, Ambassador Bill Richardson treated members of the Harvard community to a unique perspective on major trends in the industry. Richardson-a former eight-term Congressman-served as Energy Secretary for two-and-a-half years in the Clinton Administration. Prior to that, he was U.S. Ambassador to the United…


The Mother of All Diplomacy

The current war against terrorism has many dimensions. In the last article of this series, we studied what form military action might take. The more important and difficult element of this struggle, however, will be building and maintaining support throughout the region. While the risks are tremendous, we must also remember that crises present opportunities…

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