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Alumni Interviews: Pete Lyon (HBS ’95), Partner at Goldman Sachs

In this inaugural article in the Alumni Interview Series //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html, The Harbus sat down with Pete Lyon (HBS ’95) to discuss his time at Harvard Business School and his career in investment banking. Today, Pete is a Partner at Goldman Sachs where he leads client coverage strategy in the Executive Office for the Investment Banking…


Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Veena Ramaswamy (OJ)

What: US Treasury Department Where: Washington DC What did you do this summer?I was working at the US Treasury Department for the Assistant Secretary of Financial Markets. What was your background prior to HBS? I was investment banking at Morgan Stanley, focusing on debt financings for US infrastructure projects. Why did you choose to spend…


HBS SA -Weekly

JESSICA RABLName: Jessica RablSA title: Co-Chief Development Officer (with Katina)What’s the role: This is a new role on the SA Executive Team starting this year. My main goal is to build relationships with corporate sponsors so that the SA can have more awesome/more affordable events. I hope to get as much EC/RC input as possible…


From One Class to Another

ECs give advice and insight on Interviews, Internships and IndustriesIn the next few weeks hundreds of RCs will print out crisp, refined resumes and take their best suits to the dry cleaners in preparation of interview season. Some will luck out with offers from Hell Week, while others will hold out for different industries later…


Ladies, please.

On February 11th 2003, a group of female Harvard students apparently ‘dismantled’ a nine foot high snow penis built by fellow (presumably male) undergraduates outside the Tercentenary Theater. The story was later picked up by the press, eliciting comments from journals as highbrow as The Economist, from which the following quotes are taken: “It was…


HSBC MD Eichhorst Discusses Banking in China

Gordon Eichhorst is Head of Industrials and Technology Sector and Managing Director, Global Investment Banking, Asia-Pacific for HSBC. Prior to moving to Shanghai, Mr. Eichhorst worked for Morgan Stanley in London as head of the Technology Banking Group for Europe. He earned his MBA at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in 1997….



Welcome back to The Question. Not much has changed, except for my worm deck to skydeck relocation within Aldrich 10. Quick! Pop quiz!The approximate temperature in the Aldrich 10 skydeck is:a) Jamaica hotb) Africa hotc) The same temperature as Hell Yes, it’s warm, but I still love our old room. So let’s move on to…


Summer Job Reports

Company name: Corporate America Job title: Finance Intern Avg. hours per week: 40 Responsibilities: Starting right fielder for the Finance Gangstas softball team. Sometimes played left field if Joe was traveling. Also, I had to do some activity-based costing projects. Career plans: I want to return to Corporate America but I’m not sure about the…


A Tale From the Recruiting Trenches: This is a True Story!

I decided to write about an experience that took place over the Thanksgiving holidays, one that I certainly hope is unique. I am not sure whether it belongs in the humor section or not, but it certainly represents what not to do in the weeks to come as we try to land jobs and internships….


Buyout Firm Seeks Cultural Fit; Hiring Two to Three Arrogant Pricks

(Charles Hotel) With the private equity market picking up, buyout firm Whitewater Partners is planning on hiring two to three associates who fit well with the firm’s culture of arrogance, company representatives said at the Charles Hotel. “What differentiates Whitewater Partners from the competition is not our proprietary deal flow nor our intense due diligence…


HBS Research Shows Wall Street Settlement Flawed

Here at HBS, most of us know our professors from the classroom. However, they lead a double life, teaching case studies by day while solving the world’s problems under the cloak of night. Actually, this isn’t much of an exaggeration. Groundbreaking discoveries are common at Harvard Business School. Although students may not hear about them,…


She Thinks/He Thinks

More complicated than the imperial board in the Shad TOM exercise, the delicate interplay between the female and male HBS minds is a well observed and yet totally undocumented phenomenon. Thus, I have decided to delve deeply into the psyche of the two genders, examining their intricate thoughts in situations we can all relate to….


That Guy Presents Possible HBS Show Themes for 2003

You all may have heard some buzz about the upcoming HBS Show. For those of who don’t know about the HBS Show, allow That Guy to explain. Every year, certain insane students decide that they don’t have enough worthless busywork on their plates, so they decide to dedicate countless hours putting on a silly musical…


Bob Rubin Speaks to Select MBA Journalists

While many ECs were slaving away at their summer internships and the RCs were relishing their final weeks of vacation, a group of only nine writers and editors from the nation’s top business schools met at Citigroup for an intimate breakfast meeting with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin. Robert (“Bob”) Rubin, currently a…


Reflections on the HBS Experience

So here we are – two years older, close to 1,000 cases wiser, and at least $50,000 poorer. And yet somehow, there is something about being here that has made us richer. It goes beyond the diplomas we’ll receive to display our newly minted, hard-earned MBAs. It goes back to that first day of Foundations…


Club B Looks Forward to Summer Internships

While many students in the 2003 cohort have expressed concern about the availability of many “traditional” summer internships, Section B members are excited at the prospect of following the road less traveled. In fact, many Club B-ers have already accepted jobs well outside the realm of banking and consulting. “I was planning to accept a…


Recruiting: One (and Only One) African American's Perspective

It is easy to conjure up negative thoughts during these challenging economic times of the 2001-2002 recruiting season, particularly as you question your decision to attend one of the most expensive schools out there in HBS. From the mouth of Denzel Washington during his chilling portrayal of Malcolm X, you may think that you were…


Overview of Investment Banking

What is investment banking? Depending on who you ask (including i-bankers themselves), you will get somewhat different answers. Broadly speaking, investment banks provide a gamut of financial and advisory services to corporations, institutions (both private and public) and even individuals (usually high-net-worth ones.very high). There are generally three or more distinct business areas that major…


The I-Banking Job Search Process

This piece is based on experiences gained over the last few weeks, during the official EC Hell Week process. It is clouded by the current job search environment. In the event that the economy turns around, most of these tips will not be essential, but still useful. First of all, to those of you in…


Great Expectations

I arrived on the Harvard University campus just a few short weeks ago filled with ambition and expectation. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I was not sure what to expect. But a graduate degree from Harvard, I knew, would open up countless doors. I would be able to change the world in personally and socially…


Eyewitness Account

The Harbus spoke with Nikhil Bahel, an eyewitness to the tragedy in New York. Bahel, an Associate in the investment banking major Salomon Smith Barney was on his way to work, and his cab dropped him under the WTC minutes after the first impact had occurred. He recalls seeing the huge gaping hole. Bahel estimates…


The Nobility of Business

I was having a conversation the other day with a good friend about the culture of investment banking. I used to work at an Investment bank in London and I was describing some of the less palatable memories of my experience which I thought reflected a part of the general culture of investment banking. I…


I Know What You Did Last Winter…

HBS has sent out first round admission decisions, and a friend of mine was very happy to be accepted at both HBS and Stanford. Upon hearing the news, he rigorously questioned me, “What should I do, where should I go?” I told my friend the dot.com mania may be over, and a lot of people…


Salomon CEO pulls a crowd

The resurgence in investment banking as a career path from HBS was evident as over a hundred students packed into Aldrich 209, where a standing room only crowd listened to Mr. Michael Carpenter, Chairman and CEO of Salomon Smith Barney and the Head of Citibank’s Global Relationship Bank. Mr. Carpenter, a 1973 graduate of HBS…

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