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Yummy Yum from Around the World

The world’s largest archipelago: more than 13,000 islands home to more than 200 ethnic tribes with more than a million people speaking more than 100 languages. I was so fascinated by the diversities of the culture and the people in this country; I could very well imagine how diverse its cuisine would be. Join us…


Reader Questions Harbus’ Presidential Poll

To Editor in Chief: I am from Lebanon visiting Mass for treatment. By chance I read The Harbus Monday 27 Oct 2008. I was very surprised that HBS is backing Obama. In Lebanon the palestinains Sunni Chiate also Hezballah Hamas Falah they all want Obama to win. Reason they Obama share that Arab and Muslim…


International Flip-Flop

The recent Harvard University policy prohibiting granting of academic credit or funding for study by Harvard College students to countries on the U.S. State Department “Travel Warnings” list, which currently encompasses 25 countries from Indonesia to Kenya, is unfortunate (see “College Deters Travel to More Countries,” Harvard Crimson, December 2, 2004). While heightened security concerns…


Summer Jobs

By Larry Wasserman (OF)Ode to My SummerWhen I went through recruiting late last yearMy summer plans remained still ill-defined Though banking brought me nausea, dread and fearI thought consulting might not be a grind. So I applied to BCG and BainBooz Allen, Monitor, not many moreThey all said, “Dude, your efforts are in vain”And, bluntly…


Risk Mindset in Asia Could Thwart Growth Opportunities

Jeffrey Shafer, Vice Chairman for Salomon Smith Barney International and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, predicts high growth potential for Southeast Asian nations. His presentation at the recent Asia Business Conference here at HBS began with a slide that compared growth rates between Asian nations before and after the financial crisis of…

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