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Srivatsa Krishna (OI) Selected as a Global Leader of Tomorrow

Each year, the World Economic Forum selects 100 leaders from both the corporate and public space based on an impartial, global selection process to be recognized as Global Leaders of Tomorrow. The Global Leaders of Tomorrow (GLT) recipients hold positions of considerable influence and responsibility, and have demonstrated their capacity to shape future agendas in…


We Need to Talk

Several years ago at Dartmouth College, a fraternity and sorority co-hosted a hip-hop-themed party which was also advertised as a “Ghetto Party” via email. While the party’s organizers never intended to offend students from other backgrounds, many students were outraged over the party’s theme. This led the faculty and several student organizations to host a…


India Leadership Series Gets Rolling…

The much awaited initiative by the South Asian Business Association at the Harvard Business School to present the Indian leaders and their leadership values before the Harvard community got rolling with a talk by H.E. Digvijay Singh, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in India. Introduced by Srivatsa Krishna, HBS Class of…


Musharraf @ Harvard: His Vision for Pakistan

September 8 – Undeterred by the strong midday heat, hundreds of Harvard students, faculty and staff arrived hours in advance to join a line that stretched down Eliot Street to hear Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf speak at the Kennedy School. The burgeoning crowd was soon complemented by police barricades, mounted state troopers, the Secret Service,…


Summertime, Sweet Summertime

Though it may not feel like it, summer and warmer weather is coming to New England. Most of you will be out of town for the summer starting new careers or interning between RC and EC. No matter where you find yourself, have a great summer. To send you off, here is a quick survey…


Baker Library

//hbswk.hbs.edu/BooksThe MouseDriver Chronicles by John Lusk and Kyle HarrisonPerseus Publishing, 2002 The MouseDriver Chronicles is a likable book chronicling the experience of two Wharton MBAs from the class of 1999 who started a company. If their learning experience came out of the dot.com bubble, it had more to do with traditional business activities than “burn…


Top 10 Reasons Why Section E Doesn't Have Internships

1) Enron wasn’t hiring. 2) The sugar industry in India has gained efficiencies in the past 7 months since senior management left. 3) Coca-Cola cut back its marketing spend thanks to Scott’s grass roots marketing last semester. 4) Highland Capital unexpectedly closed its operations after a lecture from Elena about the evils of capitalism. 5)…


Doha and the WTO

The November 2001 meeting in Doha, Qatar, was another significant blow to the credibility and legitimacy of the WTO. Instead of pursuing the goal of conducting trade and economic endeavor “with a view to raise standards of living,” etc., as the GATT and later the WTO preamble very righteously claimed, Doha was a blatant display…


Technology as the Invisible Hand in India

It all started during Hell Week, when I was supposed to find a summer job, but wasn’t able to find something that really excited me. I looked into what the Social Enterprise Program offered and thought it would be an interesting and different path to pursue than my classmates. The program turned out to be…


Asia Panelist Accuses Enron of Human Rights Abuses

The director of the Business and Human Rights Program at Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Enron of human rights violations in his comments on a recent panel at the Asia Business Conference hosted at HBS. Arvind Ganesan detailed reports of violations dating back to 1997 that relate to the Dabhol power plant in India, owned…


The Chinese Century?

During the Asia Business Conference’s first plenary session, “Asia’s Future: Regional Integration or Regional Competition?” Robert Lees, Secretary General Emeritus of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, asked us to stand up, stretch, and exhorted us MBAs to go out and play a role in making the world a better place. He then declared, “China is…


The Mother of All Diplomacy

The current war against terrorism has many dimensions. In the last article of this series, we studied what form military action might take. The more important and difficult element of this struggle, however, will be building and maintaining support throughout the region. While the risks are tremendous, we must also remember that crises present opportunities…


Frogs Off to a Hopping Start

The prevailing sentiment in the aftermath of Priscilla Ball (or some might say of the weekend in general!) is, “The less said the better!” With his sultry, long hair, luscious red lips and revealing bikini top, Sachin Palod was belle of the ball and voted this year’s Runner Up Queen. Congratulations! The blushing belle reports…


HBS Grand Cricket Showdown

If you don’t know anything about the rules of cricket, just imagine this as a round of golf, it works either way.Trust me when I say this was one of the most amazing game many of us have ever played in our lives. It marks a genuine low point in HBS sporting culture, exemplified by…


In An Antique Land

Rural India is home to 12% of the world population. Categorized by its low levels of development, geographical inaccessibility and low income levels it has remained an area hitherto unimaginable by urban dwellers. While working for Unilever in India I had a chance to spend six weeks living in a village, where time had decided…



Vineeta Vijayaraghavan’s debut novel deserves the rave reviews it is getting. Set in the early 90s in India, the book explores the scenario of reverse migration. Maya is a fifteen year old girl from New York, spending the summer at her grandmother’s house in a small tea estate in India. Maya had been brought up…


The India Panel at the Asia Business Conference

Hosting a panel at a conference always suggests a mixture of excitement and apprehension – perhaps even more so when one is well acquainted with the panelists. As the panel manager for the India Country Panel at the Asia Business Conference, the subject matter and the speakers could literally not have been closer to home…


Debut Novel Opens to Rave Reviews

In a world where club presidents have difficulty recruiting a mere 30 students to attend a speaker event, the 90-person turnout for Vineeta Vijayaraghavan’s reading of her newly published book Motherland was impressive. I’d like to think the turnout was due to superior marketing on the part of the Women’s Student Association that co-sponsored the…

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