OJ Prevails in Double Overtime Thriller Against NF to Defend Title – 87-80

OJ played NF in the IM Basketball Championship on Tuesday May 4th, 2010. The event was attended by 40 members of NF and 15 members of NJ, including die-hard basketball fan, Professor Tom Nicholas. In an HBS Instant Classic, defending champions OJ, led by Co-Captains, Nii Amaah Ofosu-Amaah and Mike Derse, overcame a talented NF… Continue reading OJ Prevails in Double Overtime Thriller Against NF to Defend Title – 87-80

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Off to the Races

Intramural football returned to HBS this past week, with RC and EC sections fielding teams for IM league competition. Here, Adey Delbridge (OJ) makes a break for the end zone in a match last Tuesday, September 20 versus Old Section A. ÿ

Report from the Pitch:

NJ Soccer Machine Chugs AlongBy Scott Hebbeler (NJ) NJ advanced to 2-0 on the season after a come from behind victory Monday afternoon. While both teams struggled to find a rhythm in the first half, NJ opened the second half with solid midfield play and tenacious defense. Brit Smith was the star of the game… Continue reading Report from the Pitch:

On-Campus Interview Series: The Greatest Athlete at HBS?

Every once in a while you meet that kind of freak athlete that makes you feel fat, slow and uncoordinated. Rafa Guida Masoni (OC) is nothing short of a sporting genius. He tears the opposition apart with deft passing, hard tackling and incisive running on the rugby field. He also kicks 50 yards with both… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: The Greatest Athlete at HBS?

On-Campus Interview Series: El Presidente

This week The Harbus has the honor of interviewing one of the Co-Presidents of Harvard Business School’s oldest sporting club. As a mergers and acquisitions lawyer for one of London’s most prestigious law firms, Mark’s career was a cross between ‘The Firm’ and ‘The Devils Advocate’. He tells us that although Lucifer is a difficult… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: El Presidente

Continued Market Dominance

Though still young and fresh to the HBS scene, NE has already established a few enviable traditions in IM football: 1) Professors attending our games to cheer us on, providing much-appreciated moral support. 2) Winning. Marketing prof. Anita Elberse was on-hand to energize the team, providing a useful matrix of the many different competitive advantages… Continue reading Continued Market Dominance

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7,999 and Counting-

Last week, Jeff Raikes, group vice president of Productivity and Business Services (PBS) at Microsoft, landed on campus to meet with students and members of the HTNM club. A Nebraska native, Raikes joined Microsoft in 1981 as a product manager in its applications group. What followed was a meteoric rise from product manager, to chief… Continue reading 7,999 and Counting-

Going, Going, GONE!

Throughout the history of sports, there have been some memorable retirement speeches. Lou Gehrig. Magic Johnson. Magn£s Ver Magn£sson. This will not be one of those – if you want to read something from the heart, read my “Editor-in-Chief’s Farewell” towards the front of the paper. Hey – how often does one person get to… Continue reading Going, Going, GONE!

Expected Returns Perhaps Assumptions and Estimates Were a Bit Off

My expectations in coming to HBS have been exceeded and at the same time have not been fulfilled. Here’s how.  I didn’t expect to wear an 11-inch silver sequined skirt and nipple pasties to an HBS function. After the fifth time I was used to it, but I really should find some sensible shoes.… Continue reading Expected Returns Perhaps Assumptions and Estimates Were a Bit Off

NA Squeezes Some OJ

New A defeated Old J, 63-53, in its opener of the IM basketball season. NA came out fast, sprinting to a 40-23 halftime lead behind four three pointers from Joaquin Tamez (22 points) and the gritty play of Geoff Swift, who finished with eight points and several boards on the night. Old J did not… Continue reading NA Squeezes Some OJ