Yummy Yum from Around the World

The land of glaciers and volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls. The land of black beaches and hot springs, year-round swimming and midnight golf. A land where nature’s beauty abounds in its purest, natural, most unadulterated form. The country with the second highest life expectancy and one of the highest standards of living in the world. “Velkomin”… Continue reading Yummy Yum from Around the World

Section Love Finds a Home in the House of D

We’ve all heard of Section Love before. It’s that special bond that the ever-dwindling population of HBS singles inadvertently anticipate upon their arrival. It’s those two people, once whispered about and represented only in Sky Decks, who give substance to rumors when they join the ranks of the engaged. It’s the attitude of my friend… Continue reading Section Love Finds a Home in the House of D

The House of D Heats Up Iceland

You know there’s something special about your section when you start meeting in foreign countries at every opportunity you get! First Thailand, and now Iceland! That’s right-Iceland. While others might have spent the long weekend going nearby to New York or Vermont, close to 60 spirited adventurers from Section OD gathered together in Reykjavik, Iceland… Continue reading The House of D Heats Up Iceland

Weekend in…..Reykjavik?

It was a rainy three case day in March when Craig Phillips proposed the idea. “I’ve never been, and I hear the…. [sights] are beautiful.” So as the masses of January students flooded to the New England coast to kick off May long weekend festivities, our adventure-seeking fearless foursome headed for the Icelandair check in… Continue reading Weekend in…..Reykjavik?

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