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Viewpoint: A Degree at a Crossroads

The MBA Oath is an opportunity to reassert the purpose of the business profession. By establishing a code of conduct that grounds the profession in a responsible value creation philosophy, my hope is that business leaders will move beyond their myopic focus on shareholder maximization. Analogous to the evolution of the legal and medical professions,…


Less is More

RC Sections competed in a weeklong double-sided printing competition in early March, just after MBA IT Support Services upgraded all Spangler, Aldrich, and Baker printers to enable double-siding. The competition was organized by Green Living Rep Evelyne White (NJ) and the Green Living Section Reps. Section C prevailed in the competition, with their case write-ups…


Global Environment

Professor Christensen opened the discussion with a story about one of the guest’s younger days. The CEO of The Black & Decker Co. was apparently an accomplished college basketball player – and served as an inspiration for Professor Christensen’s own athletic ambitions. That the professor’s true potential lay elsewhere is perhaps a blessing in disguise….


A Kodak Moment

“You Press the Button, We’ll Do the Rest”: George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak in 1888. Rarely does a simple company slogan outlast the most recent marketing campaign, but this corporate mantra has driven Kodak for well-over 100 years, through turbulent times and now into the digital age. The history of this American icon is…


I Think, Ergo I am

A team of Harvard Business School MBA students took home first place in the Seventh Annual Rice Marketing Case Competition on January 28. Roughly 10 schools, the usual suspects, were represented in the Rice Marketing Case Competition that officially started at 9:30pm on Friday, January 27, when cases were distributed to student teams. Final presentations…


Former CEO of HP Speaks on Leadership and Choices

After being largely removed from the public eye since her dismissal from HP, Carly Fiorina resurfaces at Harvard to discuss lessons learned along her rise as one of the most influential women in business. “A leader’s most fundamental job is to sense danger and opportunity ahead of others and to act on that knowledge,” Carly…


HBS Commits to Recycling in 2nd Annual Green Week Celebration

From Monday, April 10 to Wednesday, April 13, HBS will host its second Green Week, a series of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness throughout the HBS community. Sponsored by the Student Association, the event is jointly organized by the Business and Environment Club (BEC), Restaurant Associates and HBS Operations. Green Week events include a…


Transformational Experience

You’ve just turned off your HP 12c and handed in your FRC exam and realized that those 40 questions (and a couple of confidential letters from your profs) are what you have been stressing over the last several weeks. After all of the section bar crawls this week, now is a good time to step…


Sneak Peek into the Diary of Section A

I was told to write “What I did this Summer,” but since I spent the summer mainly enjoying my husband’s company in my favorite city, I thought it would be more fun to read through the diary entries of some of my sectionmates (Section A kept in touch throughout the summer using summer diaries). Here…


Carly Fiorina Comes to Campus

“Business is a lot more than just facts and figures and products. It’s about emotion – real, powerful emotion, and how people react to emotion. This needs to be managed just as much as the income statement and the balance sheet.” – Carly Fiorina With the temperature finally, if only temporarily, heating up in Boston,…

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