Kwama Sutra – Courting

This column is co-written with my esteemed colleague and sectionmate Renny McPherson. After a turbulent Hell Week, we both began to see clear connections between the job search and finding a mate at HBS. “If she hasn’t called me back by 8 p.m., is that a bad thing?” Beginning after President’s Day, 950 Harvard Business… Continue reading Kwama Sutra – Courting

Your Search for a Job Can Start in the Laundry

Dear Fellow HBS students, Several things have been happening these past few weeks. Hell Week (Heaven Week for some), Hell Week & then some more Hell Week. But guess what folks, we at the Green Living team discovered that there are lots of great Green jobs on the Job Bank. And here is a step-by-step… Continue reading Your Search for a Job Can Start in the Laundry

From One Class to Another

ECs give advice and insight on Interviews, Internships and IndustriesIn the next few weeks hundreds of RCs will print out crisp, refined resumes and take their best suits to the dry cleaners in preparation of interview season. Some will luck out with offers from Hell Week, while others will hold out for different industries later… Continue reading From One Class to Another

MBA IT To the Rescue

Picture this scenario. You have a flight to catch in one hour. Next week is Hell Week and you have materials to print from the online Vault Guide to prepare for your banking interview. You quickly jog to the printer in Spangler, swipe your ID card and press print. Wait a second. What is this?… Continue reading MBA IT To the Rescue

Sports at HBS: Nourishing the Weekend Warrior

Amid the confusion surrounding orientation, add/drop, and general de-tox from your summer internship, it may seem hard to find time for yet another activity. While most of us make it out to Grafton’s and the Kong three nights a week, it’s equally important to nourish the body and soul… And your 15 minutes on the… Continue reading Sports at HBS: Nourishing the Weekend Warrior

ND Bests OC, 51-32

On Monday afternoon, the NuDies continued their implacable march towards the HBS Intramural Basketball title with a thrilling 51-32 victory against OC. The win did not come easy. Old Section C came out running and quickly scored the first six points of the game. After a timeout, which included a chair-throwing tirade by El Capitano… Continue reading ND Bests OC, 51-32

My Summer with Carnival Corporation

This summer I worked at Carnival Corporation in Miami, Florida. I was an intern with Management Advisory Services (“MAS”), Carnival’s internal strategic consulting group, the purpose of which is to analyze and detect various opportunities within the organization and its operating companies to become more efficient, reduce costs, etc. Although I had always been interested… Continue reading My Summer with Carnival Corporation

When Hell Week Freezes

Volunteerism is alive and well on campus, and last week it was reflected in the newly shined shoes of job-hunting RC’s. Over 25 EC’s volunteered to shine shoes for RC’s while dispensing invaluable interview wisdom during dedicated RC interview week. The shoe shines (and interview wisdom) were part of the first annual “When Hell Week… Continue reading When Hell Week Freezes

Merrick Remains Bullish on the Job Market

It is the middle of Hell Week, and Matt Merrick is cautious but pleased.Although it is “still very early” in the recruiting season, all indicators are up. The number of companies recruiting on campus rose by 20 percent over last year, while the number of first round interviews is up 35 percent. The punch line?… Continue reading Merrick Remains Bullish on the Job Market

Hell Week: Marketing Club Membership Fails to Yield Marketing Job Interviews

(Hamilton) Jim Rocker, former Bear Stearns analyst and associate at the middle market buyout shop GSZ Partners, failed to get any summer marketing job interviews for Hell Week, despite his membership in the HBS Marketing Club. “I know I really don’t have any work experience in marketing and look a lot like a typical banker,”… Continue reading Hell Week: Marketing Club Membership Fails to Yield Marketing Job Interviews

Editorial: The January Effect

Investors, economists, and stock market enthusiasts have long debated the existence of the January Effect in the capital markets. Is it real? And will it return? The historical tendency for stock prices to increase in January more than any in other month, an anomaly particularly evident in small cap stocks, has been attributed to year… Continue reading Editorial: The January Effect

Hell Week, Here We Come

There are worse ways to interview for a job than Hell Week. You could be on that show called “The Apprentice.” You could be running for President. But knowing this isn’t going to make you feel much better because you’re stressed out about interviewing even though your mistakes aren’t going to be broadcast on national… Continue reading Hell Week, Here We Come

Hell Week – An RC's Account

Contrary to published reports, the RC Dedicated Recruiting Period, otherwise known as “Hell Week,” has passed without one human casualty. I did receive confirmation on many a migraine headache and there were rumors of at least one broken finger, but, thankfully, no deaths. Strange then, that the cafeteria at Spangler resembled a well-dressed and immaculately-coiffed… Continue reading Hell Week – An RC's Account

Bizarro Hell Week

When I returned to school after Hell Week last year, I was surprised to find out that some of my classmates actually have summer jobs secured. I guess I didn’t expect that. I thought we were all on the same page, you know, just checking things out. After comparing notes, I realized that scouting a… Continue reading Bizarro Hell Week

Hell Week:

Remember what you wrote in your HBS admission essay on the topic of career aspirations? Starting classes at the end of August you cannot even imagine how quickly your career aspirations will be transforming, evolving and shaping your career search activities. Remember the Rule of Thumb at HBS: “Everybody will get a job.” The job… Continue reading Hell Week:

Case Interview in Point

I went into Hell Week last week somewhat relaxed (I thought). I had only applied to a couple jobs on-campus and consequently only had two consulting interviews to get through. Having never even considered being a consultant until the day before cover letters were due, the whole process was much more of a learning experience… Continue reading Case Interview in Point

Options Have Value

Before I came to business school, my boyfriend (a former investment banker) advised, “If you only go to school knowing one finance concept it’s this: options have value.” To his credit, I have used that phrase almost weekly in various contexts (some even appropriate!) ever since. But I’m starting to wonder. With Hell Week just… Continue reading Options Have Value

The Other Shoe Has Dropped, and it's a Wingtip

Remember how psyched you were to hear that your firm was going business casual? To celebrate, you may have even handed over your itchy suits and ugly ties to charity. Well, get your khaki-wearing self down to Goodwill and see if your threads are still on the rack, because the tide has turned and business… Continue reading The Other Shoe Has Dropped, and it's a Wingtip

An HBS Career in Question

YEAR 1 Where are you from?What did you do before HBS?(Do you know so-and-so?)Where did you go to college?(Do you know so-and-so?)Where are you living?(How are those dorms treating you?)Do you have a study group yet?(So, who’s in your study group?)What section are you in?Who are your profs?Plans for the summer yet?Who are you interviewing… Continue reading An HBS Career in Question

Media Morality… Misplaced

I am horrified. CBS has decided to air two hours of never-seen-before graphic footage of the September 11th attacks on Sunday, March 10th, despite objections from several Senators, a prosecutor, and many victims’ family members. In the New York Times, William Schmidt, the prosecutor who urged CBS to wait another six months before airing the… Continue reading Media Morality… Misplaced

Strange Behavior

As did the whole RC class, the A-Team began another new course this past week-The Entrepreneurial Manager. Normally this would not merit more than a few words, much less a few sentences, in this column. However, the section’s behavior so far in this class is just way too bizarre and comical not to investigate. Perhaps… Continue reading Strange Behavior

So Much For Balance

Before I arrived at HBS, everyone told me how tough first semester would be. The CFO at my former company, idealab!, an HBS alum, laughed menacingly as he congratulated me on my admission. “You couldn’t pay me to do my first year again,” he chuckled. “But I’d do second-year again in a second.” At my… Continue reading So Much For Balance