Anthrax: Q&A With Student-Doctor

Q: Is the water supply safe?A: During the present emergency, City, State, and Federal agencies are carefully monitoring the water supply and it is likely that any problems will be rapidly detected. Results to date indicate that the water supply remains safe. Q: What about chemical or biological attacks?A: Using biological material as a weapon… Continue reading Anthrax: Q&A With Student-Doctor


Welcome to the Harbus Special Section on the Healthcare Industry. This is the first of a series of Special Sections that the Harbus will devote to in-depth examinations of some trends and issues in leading industries. We chose to begin with Healthcare because it is something that touches us all. The Healthcare industry is the… Continue reading Introduction

WebMD Saga Continues

The Wall Street Journal can’t seem to get enough of the WebMD story. And rightfully so. Following an 87% drop in the firm’s stock price over an eight month period, and the resultant institutional investor frenzy , WebMD founders Jim Clark and Jeff Arnold resigned in October, 2000. Prior to WebMD, Jim Clark brought us… Continue reading WebMD Saga Continues

Healthcare Internet Revolution Heads in a Different Direction

Remember Less than two years ago, the company went public with huge fanfare, and former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop was suddenly a millionaire. Where is it now? The company’s stock is trading at $0.12 per share, as the website limps along until its IPO cash runs out, the victim of irrational expectations… Continue reading Healthcare Internet Revolution Heads in a Different Direction

Healthcare Summer Internships at HBS

Healthcare in the United States is a trillion-dollar business. Its vast complexity and breadth of scope has fascinated many business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. Over 15% of students at HBS have some type of work experience in healthcare, including biotechnology, health services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Another significant number of students have had exposure to… Continue reading Healthcare Summer Internships at HBS