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Opinion: HBS Show Co-President Evaluates Sanction Process

I believe in the HBS Community Values. We should respect each other’s rights, act honestly and with integrity, and take accountability for our personal behavior. Recently, I have become painfully aware of how our community upholds its values cartier santos 100 replica — by means of an opaque process that feels neither fair to the…


An Open Letter to Dean Nohria and Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear Dean Nohria, I have learned much at HBS from the Professors who make this institution truly great.  I am disheartened, based on the treatment of the HBS Show Presidents, that HBS as an institution does not follow these same principles. Professor Rebecca Henderson, in Leadership and Corporate Accountability, taught us that often the ends…

On Campus

An Offer You Can’t Refuse: A Preview of the 2012 HBS Show

There are the perennial features you can expect from the HBS Show, the musical that is completely run by students and remains one of HBS’s older traditions: An impressive showcase of  student body talent, from acting, singing, and dancing, to set and costume design, to writing and choreographing; an accurate representation of how the average…


Somewhere over the Footbridge Flies High

From April 11th to April 15th, Somewhere over the Footbridge will take HBS by storm. Hundreds of students will have the privilege of viewing the product of months of diligent work by some of HBS’s most talented writers, dancers, and singers, not to mention a host of others working behind the scenes to ensure the…


The HBS Show – Party with the MBAs

This year’s theme, “The Devil Wears Crimson,” was a theatrical buffet of pop culture, current events, sizzling scandals, HBS life and that most special of romances – section love. An engaging cast of 22 actors was supported by 23 high-energy dancers, 13 band members and a 40-strong crew of writers, producers, choreographers and directors all…


20* Questions

Meet Mary Winn! She is the super-talented director of this year’s HBS Show, “The Devil Wears Crimson.” I don’t know how she found the time to answer 20 questions, but consider yourself lucky for the chance to get to know this rockstar better! 1 My name: ÿMary Winn New 2 Hometown: ÿ Augusta, Georgia 3…


20 Questions

Sophie is adorable and she’s the Music Director of this year’s HBS Show. Even though she made me listen to Disney songs for HOURS during a road trip, I still think she’s the greatest thing to emerge from Straford Upon Avon since Shakespeare. Enjoy getting to know her, try to read her answers with an…


Gossip and Tales from the HBS Show

With the 2008 HBS Show now only a month away (playing Tuesday, April 22 to Friday, April 25), I have been working undercover to sneak into rehearsals and meetings and find the best insider info and gossip for you. Here goes. The HBS Show has been, since 1974, the traditional highlight of the HBS year,…


Tim Butler unmasked as the Phantom, as HBS Show rocks Burden

In writing this article, I figured I could focus on further singing the show’s praise, and flashing our lead actors names in light, but rather than recreate the playbill, or re-hash the story line (yes DVDs will be on sale in the coming weeks), I thought I’d take the opportunity to give you, the reader,…


The decision on Burden was well reasoned and right

April 12, 2007 Dear Editor: On behalf of the MBA Program, I would like to provide some information regarding the recent decision to return to our policy of not allowing performing arts events and concerts in Burden Auditorium. First, we regret we did not do more to solicit student input on this decision. When making…


HBS Bans Student Cultural Shows From Burden Auditorium

The HBS experience will be harmed if the Administration bans important student events from the only suitable on-campus venue. On the Thursday before Spring Break, like many of you, I woke up to find the following email in my inbox: With the increasing number of requests to hold performances within Burden Hall & Spangler Auditorium,…


HBS Show: The Phantom of Baker Library

“The Phantom of Baker Library is a two-act musical about Harvard Business School, written and produced by Harvard Business School students, performed on the Harvard Business School campus, to entertain the Harvard Business School family. That’s the key to its worldwide mass appeal.” -Theater analyst with knowledge of the HBS Show Opening week (concurrent with…


Tony, Tony, Tony-The HBS Show Has Done It Again!

The Phantom of Baker Library is a two-act musical about Harvard Business School, written and produced by Harvard Business School students, performed on the Harvard Business School campus, to entertain the Harvard Business School family. That’s the key to its worldwide mass appeal. The 2007 Tony Awards, Broadway’s celebration of the year’s most prolific theatrical…


The Soviet Case Method

Rummaging through old drafts of possible HBS Show script ideas, I found the rough outlines of a story called “LEAD of the Flies” in which the evil LEAD professor is played by a Soviet general named Pasivlov Agresivan Sonovovich. Here are some of his long-lost lines: What do you do with employees who are secret…


Coming to a Burden Hall Near You: The HBS Show 2007!

I remember when applying for business school, that among all the advice from the HBS alumni that I had met, the most useful was this: “David, no HBS transformational experience is complete without being a part of the HBS Show.” RC commeth, and I, blessed with an imposing physical stature and striking good looks, felt…


HBS Show Wraps up Successful "Wizard of Hawes" Run

Last week, a dedicated HBS Show cast put on 5 outstanding performances of this year’s production, “Wizard of Hawes”. The show provided over 2 hours of song, dance, and theatrics to patrons who filled the seats of Burden Auditorium throughout the week. Although the HBS Show has completed its stint on the stage, pictures from…


There's No Place Like Home: A Review of The Wizard of Hawes

This year’s HBS Show, two hours packed with singing, dancing and drama, wowed the crowds of fellow students and teachers. Each night the show was customized to include shout-outs to the students and professors that were in attendance. And the individual sections did not disappoint (at least the night that I attended), with most bringing…


HBS Show to Make Its Big Debut

If you were one of the hundreds who attended Jack Welch’s speech last week, maybe you noticed something funny about good old Burden Auditorium. The normally barren stage had been replaced by big black curtains, colored flood lights, and tape on the floor denoting marks. It looked like something very serious was in the works…


Bring on the Laughs: The Harbus Catches up with HBS Show Stars

As the scandal regarding the casting couch in the HBS theatre industry unravels, this intrepid reporter managed to sneak an interview with the couple at the center of the scandal – Becky and Ward Bullard (NE). Our readers might remember the allegations that Ward’s marriage with Becky was a pre-condition to his getting a role…


The True Tale of the HBS Show

Gather, my children, and you shall knowOf the glorious story of the HBS Show. And why, you might ask, was this on the down-low?Well, it started off slow, then it started to grow. In a dark lonely winter, back in ’74.Before Spangler and Grafton, second year was a bore.Law School had its Parody, the college…


The Secret Lives of HBS Show Stars:

You know who they are. They might as well have a scarlet “Show” pinned to their chests. The drooping eyes, the glazed stares… and yes, the dance pants. These are the members of the HBS show. They’ve spent the last six months writing, choreographing, and rehearsing the 2004 production, “Terms of Endowment”. The Harbus recently…


MA Court Approves Gay Marriage; Harbus Runs Article on HBS Show

(HBS) Last semester, the week after the Massachusetts Supreme Court voted 4-3 to allow same-sex marriage, the Harbus decided to run its lead article on the HBS Show instead. “Yeah, it might have been interesting to learn about the historic ruling’s long-term political and social ramifications and how it will affect students and faculty,” said…


The Show Must Go On: The HBS Show 2004

The HBS Annual Show (Show) has become a time-honored tradition and an essential component of the HBS experience. It is held every year at the end of the term in April, with the entire HBS community including the students, professors, staff, significant others and anybody who can trace the remotest link to the school, coming…


Network Effect: The 2003 HBS Show

The lights came up last week in Burden Auditorium, dazzling and delighting audiences with this year’s HBS Show, “Network Effect”. Packed with witty references about life at HBS, the students and partners involved in “Network Effect”, established once and for all that there exist among us some highly talented HBS students and left the rest…


You Want Me to Do What?

Have you ever woken up in the morning, recalled the various things you would do that day and think to yourself, “This is not my life?” For me, I have started each day with that thought since January 21 – the day I auditioned for the HBS Show, Network Effect. Let me take you back…


That Guy Presents Possible HBS Show Themes for 2003

You all may have heard some buzz about the upcoming HBS Show. For those of who don’t know about the HBS Show, allow That Guy to explain. Every year, certain insane students decide that they don’t have enough worthless busywork on their plates, so they decide to dedicate countless hours putting on a silly musical…


Infernal Rate of Return:

The HBS Show Staff returned from spring break today to release the long awaited title for this year’s extravaganza production. While the Show’s theme and many details remain shrouded in mystery, Infernal Rate of Return promises to live up to its 29-year history of wit and irreverence. Traditionally, the content of the HBS Show satirizes…


Auntie Sam, In Support of Imran (not Aman)

Dear Auntie Sam, Since Cast Out of the Spotlight decided to single out the outstanding performers of the HBS Show and made a Major Faux Pas in confusing Aman for Imran, I consider it my God Given Duty to correct him. Some people decide their god given duty is to Serve Their Country-I believe mine…

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