You've Got Dinged!

Alejandro outlines his thoughts on why so many ECs are still without offers. The US Labor Department recently reported that the October unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent. Fine and dandy, I thought to myself-I remain 100 percent unemployed. In the aftermath of hell week interviews, I am surely not the only EC trying to… Continue reading You've Got Dinged!

Quiz: How Well Do You Know HBS?

1. Which of the following really exists? A. Baker LibraryB. Professor Michael PorterC. Gainful employmentD. Santa ClausE. Tooth fairy 2. What is the name of the new building on campus? A. St. Mary’s Hall of the Immaculate LandscapingB. Baker LibraryC. Case Protagonist Webcasting Center (CPWC)D. Hawes HallE. I don’t know, but the brick doesn’t match… Continue reading Quiz: How Well Do You Know HBS?

The WSJ's Glass House

By now, everyone has surely seen the story broken by the Wall Street Journal about the call for resignation of Harvard Business Review Editor Suzy Wetlaufer after her staff revealed an alleged affair she had with Jack Welch. Welch has not commented on the allegations, and Wetlaufer, according to the WSJ, told her staff she… Continue reading The WSJ's Glass House