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You’ve Been Invited to Interview. Now What?

To those of you who received an invitation to interview at HBS yesterday, congratulations! All of the hard work you put into your application (and into all the other amazing things you’ve done up until this point…) has paid off. Now it’s time to finish up strong and ace the interview. All current HBS students…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Dating at HBS

First, like all things at HBS, know that this is a competitive event. There are winners and losers. There are teams. There are rules, regulations, penalties. There is media buzz. There will be mistakes made, trades, roster cuts, and star performances from the players you least expected. The season will have its ups and downs…


Venture Capital Goes xPerimental: Is the dot-com bubble repeating itself, or are we finally on the plateau of productivity?

Speak with any member of the staff of HBS’s Entrepreneurial Management Department, and he or she will describe a time when venture capitalists were like barbarians at the HBS gates www.replicabestsale.co.uk.  They would snatch HBS and Harvard students from campus either through funding Harvard startups at huge valuations, or by incenting students to work at…


Occupy Harvard Pro-Con

Our Responsibility to Occupy Harvard By Ben Beachy and Jason Rowe (HKS) Since the Occupy movement entered the gates of Harvard Yard, too much discussion has focused on the gates themselves, not the responsibility of those of us who study behind them. One of the gates—Dexter Gate—bears the following inscription: “Enter to grow in wisdom. …


Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus Renato Tagiuri Dead at 91

Scholar was key figure in the human aspects of management and the study of family businesses BOSTON, April  25, 2011—Renato Tagiuri, Professor of Social Sciences in Business Administration, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School (HBS) and a renowned expert on interpersonal relations and the human aspects of management as well as a pioneer in the field…

On Campus

Your Planet Needs You: Celebrating 41 Years of Earth Day

 In the spirit of Earth Day, let me be the messenger of some pretty shocking environmental news that is surely relevant to each and every one of us….. Climate: Last year, the heat waves across Eastern Europe and Russia were unprecedented – the highest summer temperatures ever recorded in the last 500 years. An anomaly?…


Harvard Allows University-Wide Student Groups

The Harvard Graduate Council is thrilled to announce that Harvard will be initiating a pilot program to establish University-wide student groups. The concept was born out of student frustration that student groups, based at one particular Harvard school, felt limited by their lack of access to the broader Harvard community. This issue was brought to…


Green Living-Harvard Composts!

Do you ever wonder what happens to the food left over in Spangler Dining Hall? The morning of Saturday, March 26 a group of people from across the Harvard community took an hour-long bus ride up north to visit Brickends Farm in Hamilton, MA to find out.  The tour was sponsored by Harvard FMO Recycling…


Cyberposium 16

Consumers are demanding a slimmer set of higher quality content delivered through a narrower choice set. The second takeaway was that the transition to the public cloud, despite short-term hurdles, is inevitable.


20* Questions

Meet Blake! I am not going to tell you how long it took for me to get this interview from Blake. I don’t want to confirm any stereotypes about people who quote a Nicholas Cage movie as their answer to “words to live by.” But, Blake is a friend of the HARBUS (see February 2010…


MBAs Putting Their Education To Work… Literally

On October 27, HBS hosted a Professional Perspectives Panel on Education. The panelists – Emily McCann (HBS ’99), Scott Given (HBS ’10), Scott Benson (HBS ’08), and Garrett Smith (HBS ’08) – explained the recent dynamism of the world of education reform.


Deadbeat Harbus Rep

Hello classmates. Look at your Deadbeat Harbus Representative. Now back to me. Now back to your representative. Now back to me. Sadly, they aren’t me. But if they got off their lazy ass and started contributing to the Harbus, they could write like they’re me. Or they could write like they’re themselves. Or they could…



Sing it with me: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and let’s not forget all of the other religious holidays) at HBS. Fine – I’ll stop with the songs. Nevertheless, soon the snow will indeed make our campus nice and serene.   Men will aim to conceal their increasingly large beer bellies under sweaters,…


Personalized Medicine Sector

Many of the students at HBS are seeking jobs that provide a good mix of complexity, industry or professional impact, entrepreneurial activity, and rewards.  Often, the situations that we will find ourselves in while performing our jobs in the years to come will be two-sided problems.  There will be a customer need, a competitor challenge,…


H1N1 Fears Reach Close to Home

What is H1N1 and why is it called the “swine flu?”H1N1 is a newly discovered influenza virus strain first found in people in the United States in April 2009. This virus is also called “swine flu” because initial investigation showed that many of the genes in this virus are similar to influenza viruses that normally…


Letter to the Editor – Is HBS Really That Diverse?

Hi Jimmy,I read with great interest your article in Harbus on the above mentioned topic. Wanted to thank you for writing on this topic as certainly this is a topic which I have been exploring in great detail as it would play an important role in my overall B school experience. From what I have…


HBS Rugby Falls to Seacoast

After last week’s enjoyable contest versus the HBS Old Boys, HBS Rugby traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to take on Seacoast. The team knew this would be a tough game, having lost four starting players to injuries in the past few weeks. Some players, such as Kevin O’Boyle (NG), moved into starting roles, while others,…


HBS Rugby Tops MIT 17-12

Following a season opening 24-0 win over Rutland, HBS Rugby played its home opener on Saturday, September 13th versus MIT. On a day very similar to last week’s hot and muggy game, HBS Rugby looked to improve on it’s first performance. Missing several key players, including Co-Captain Joel Hartel (OB), HBS leaned heavily on its…


HBS Rugby Starts Season with a Win

Last Saturday, the HBS rugby team made the short journey over the river to MIT to play Rutland in a season opener. The team (made up of students from HBS, the Law School, and the Kennedy School of Government) had only trained together three times, so no-one was quite sure what would happen on the…


Harvard Ruggers Compete in MBA Rugby World Cup

Thirty-nine Harvard ruggers set off last week for the wilds of North Carolina to compete in the MBA Rugby World Cup, hosted by Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Twenty-two men’s teams and twelve women’s teams from around the world converged on five fields just downwind from a large sewage treatment plant to battle it out…


HBS Dorm Energy Competition and SFP/OWA Energy Challenge Heat up With One Week to Go

The HBS Dorm Energy Competition and SFP/OWA Energy Challenge have been underway for three weeks now with residents making small changes in their behavior to decrease electricity consumption by 10% over the four week period. Residents have also been asked to sign the Harvard Sustainability Pledge at //www.greencampus.harvard.edu/pledge. For every pledge signed Harvard University will…


HBS Rugby Sinks the Ironsides

After their triumphant weekend at Wharton, the HBS Rugby team squared off against a local side, The Boston Ironsides, last weekend. Staying mentally focused was key. The team had won every match of the year by a wide margin and the temptation to relax and play a sloppy game would certainly have crept into the…


Introducing the Green Living Reps

It’s likely that if you live in the dormitories, Soldiers Field Park, One Western or Peabody Terrace you have seen posters of your Green Living Representatives. These representatives are part of the Graduate Green Living Program, a peer to peer educational program. Representatives educate and promote sustainable behaviors to their colleagues throughout the year with…


HBS Rugby Dominates Hogfest

The HBS Rugby team continued it’s undefeated season by winning the annual Wharton School of Finance “Hogfest” rugby tournament over the weekend of October 6th and 7th. The team was hungry after last years close loss to Wharton in the tournament finals. Harvard was in the drivers seat the entire weekend and their complete domination…


The HBS Guide to the Arts in the Harvard Community

Henry Longfellow believed that “art [was] the gift of God, and must be used unto his glory.” Members of the Harvard Business School community are indeed blessed to live in one of the nation’s culturally richest cities in terms art, culture and intellect. As the brutal winters of Cambridge approach, the artistic and cultural treasures…


HBS Rugby Wins Again

The hardy boys from Mad River, Vermont were expected to be one of Harvard’s toughest opponents this season and they didn’t disappoint on Saturday, September 15th. They had an enormous forward pack and a group of backs that were wily and experienced. They started the match off in control, marching down the pitch on their…


HBS Rugby Wins Season Opener

The players of the HBS rugby team had only been practicing for a week before their first match but that didn’t stop them from starting the 2007-08 season off right by handing Monadnock a lopsided defeat on Saturday, September the 8th. The team was mentally prepared for a tough contest but in the end the…

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