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Slamming Doors

HBS opens many doors. Unfortunately, the tuition itself closes others. We’ve all heard about the astronomical endowment. Harvard University supposedly has enough funding to allow all students to attend HBS for the next several decades for free without causing much of a dent in the piggy bank. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. During…


Pregnant at HBS: Two Students, Four Lives, Five Classes

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It’s a time when a female transforms from a woman to a mother. Her innocence is transferred, and her eyes are awakened to the dangers of the world as she takes on the responsibility of raising a child. The process of discovery is begun anew as she begins to see…


HBS Tightens Security-Don't Forget Your IDs!

In this era of heightened security, both Harvard University and Harvard Business School have begun to enforce existing policies more tightly. As a result, Baker Library requires that all members of the community present their Harvard picture ID in order to gain entry, something most of the other University Libraries have always required. Consequently, we…


Volunteer Consulting Organization Gears Up

Have you been looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the greater Boston community? What if that way involved an activity such as developing a growth strategy for a local music organization, formulating a marketing plan for an educational nonprofit, or strategically evaluating the opportunities for building a training institute for teachers who mentor…


Harvard Management Deserves Reward for Great Performance

Harvard Management Company (HMC), a private company that manages the Harvard University endowment, once again outperformed its benchmark during the most recent fiscal year. Given the overall weakness in the global financial markets during this period, HMC’s performance is particularly impressive. HMC employs a team of investment professionals that use an active management strategy. The…


Great Expectations

I arrived on the Harvard University campus just a few short weeks ago filled with ambition and expectation. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I was not sure what to expect. But a graduate degree from Harvard, I knew, would open up countless doors. I would be able to change the world in personally and socially…


To our Graduating Friends, from the HBS Rugby Team,Class of 2001

Last weekend, culminating of a long and arduous season, the Harvard Business School Rugby Team participated in the World MBA Championship Tournament at Duke University. We all trained hard for this event. We promised ourselves to settle for nothing less than a victory as nothing else would appease our ambition and resolve. This time, however,…


Sports Focus on Kim Clark

What are your favorite fitness activities? Jogging because it keeps me healthy and gets me outside each day (or at least to the running track at Shad when it’s cold). I began jogging shortly after I joined the faculty at HBS, around 1979, and I participate almost every day.Golf — if jogging is good for…

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