Christian Graduate Students Head to God's Country

Over the long Columbus Day weekend, 140 graduate students from all over Boston gathered together at Toah Nipi in Rindge, New Hampshire for fun, fellowship, and renewed growth in their daily spiritual walks. Toah Nipi is Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s New England retreat and training center which accommodates college, church, and community groups. Graduate students, including… Continue reading Christian Graduate Students Head to God's Country

Are Markets Our God?

“The Market as God” was one of the most provocative topics of discussion during the Mobius Forum. As Zibby pointed out last week, Harvey Cox, professor at the Harvard Divinity School, demonstrated how the western cultures attribute God-like qualities to the Market. We all smile complacently at the Saudi’s spending 1/3 of their primary curriculum… Continue reading Are Markets Our God?

The Market As God: A Debate

Last Thursday, April 11th, four prominent Harvard professors debated the role of “the market” in law, science, economics and religion. The session started with a powerful video about the emerging black market for human organs. With the demand for organs escalating faster than the supply, some individuals have begun selling their kidneys to those willing… Continue reading The Market As God: A Debate

HBS Students Reach Out to Islamic Community

Before judgments are made, it’s best to know the facts. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, Muslims around the country have faced persecution from some Americans, who blame the religion as a whole for the tragedies. In an effort to learn more about Islam and to dispel those false notions, approximately… Continue reading HBS Students Reach Out to Islamic Community