Harvard Ball Proves We're Not Elitist

As a feast transitions from sour to sweet, so will this article. We are taught that first impressions count, and the lack of buses to the event certainly counted. This was apparently due to the large number of pre-parties and other grad schools attending. Since most pre-parties seemed to take place in SFP, and the… Continue reading Harvard Ball Proves We're Not Elitist

Harvard Ball to Paintball

NH razzled and dazzled at Harvard Ball. Quite different from Priscilla Ball, NH began the evening sipping wine and nibbling on cheese at Amy Rabinowitz’s highly-prized SFP apartment. Then, thanks to Patricia Pu, our Social Chair Extraordinaire, we traveled in style altogether via coach bus. And finally, showing off new tuxes and dresses, we mingled… Continue reading Harvard Ball to Paintball

The HBS Volleyball Club Fall Classic

Come support your HBS volleyball teams as they compete in their first tournament of the year! At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 17th, Shad Hall will be opening its doors to over 60 volleyball players from HBS and five other business schools. Stop by Shad to cheer your fellow HBS students on as they compete… Continue reading The HBS Volleyball Club Fall Classic

Halloween Hoorah and Paintball Warfare Hit Section J

Halloween hit hard at Section J this week with a whole host of parties and celebrations. Funniest costume went to Tom Nassim as Waldo?he was spotted several times at Aria, but quickly blended into the background. Sectionmates Mel Gerling and Malay Kundu became masters of the universe as Superwoman and Superman, while Raj Suryadevara went… Continue reading Halloween Hoorah and Paintball Warfare Hit Section J

Putting the `Harvard'in the Harvard Ball

HBS students took their effort to attract a broader base of Harvard graduate students to the European Club’s Harvard Ball to the Harvard Graduate Council last week, when the University-wide body held its regular meeting on the Allston campus for the first time this year.Tiberius Vadan (OI) and Gail Hodges (NA) told the council’s members… Continue reading Putting the `Harvard'in the Harvard Ball