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Welcome to the Harbus Special Section on the Healthcare Industry. This is the first of a series of Special Sections that the Harbus will devote to in-depth examinations of some trends and issues in leading industries. We chose to begin with Healthcare because it is something that touches us all. The Healthcare industry is the…


New J Goes Skiing (Sex)

Thank you to Sisto Merolla for sharing with us his simplistic Italian approach for capturing reader attention. Last week I discovered that Joshua Margolis, our LEAD professor, and Bjorn Jorgensen, our FRC professor, read my simple NJ contributions to the Harbus. Now, the obvious tactic here would be for me to write a sniveling, greasy,…


Microsoft Haiku

In Japan, they have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft error messages with haiku poetry, each with only 17 syllables: five in the first line, seven in the second, five in the third. Seeing as it may have been a few weeks since your last Microsoft case, the Harbus thought you might need another Fix….


Mexican Rave

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula boasts magnificent Mayan ruins, sandy beaches, the world’s second largest coral reef with great diving, and locals so friendly you would think they put happy-pills in the water. These many assets are not those that attract the swarming mass of American college kids who descend locus-like on Cancun for Spring Break. They…


Harbus Founder Passes Away

Al Gibney (HBS 1938) passed away on February 23 this year at the age of 85. Al, a political science major from Dartmouth joined HBS in 1936, and founded the Harbus News Corporation in the following year. Following a five year stint in the US Navy Al held several jobs in the private sector before…


How to Write The HBS Show

1) FORM TEAM: Gather diverse community perspectives by assembling: a giant, goofy genius; a politically-charged New York satirist; a red-headed drama freak; an overly-sensitive meathead; and two extraordinarily good-looking and popular ski bums. 2) WRITE TREATMENT: Spend dozens of useless but amusing hours in SFP 1-413. Eat all of Dan Allen’s cookie dough and wash…


More Hell Week Horror Stories

Some more doozies worthy of mention. Keep them rolling in to jkayloe@mba2002.hbs.edu. Twenty minutes into a lunchtime interview with a Boston firm, our protagonist was surprised when a cell phone started ringing in the room. The interviewer excused himself, took the call, and found out that his wife had gone into labor with their first…


So Much for the Best Laid Plans…

So Much for the Best Laid Plans…by Jordan Kayloe, NFThis is the Valentine’s Day issue of the Harbus, and it is right here that we planned to introduce the Harbus Intraview, the tales of two students and their night out on the town. In fact, because of this special date, we planned to bring you…


The Back Nine, First Edition

When Jamie Warder approached me to write a few columns about golf for the Harbus, I asked him to check his temperature. First, I am hardly a scratch golfer, where “scratch” represents generally shooting par (normally 72 strokes) on an 18-hole course. Second, if it weren’t for the sun and stars being aligned perfectly on…


The Harbus Interview

Steve Nelson has spent most of his working life at HBS, but time has not dimmed his enthusiasm for his new post as Executive Director of the MBA Program. He graduated here in 1988, and has since had a number of roles within HBS, as well as working in the private sector at Stepan Co….


Harbus Launches New Online Edition

Striving to offer HBS students a newspaper that matches their cyber-lifestyle, the Harbus is launching a new online edition Monday, February 5. Harbus staff say enlivened design and enhanced interactivity will draw ever more users to the address www.harbus.org. “The online edition is the primary gateway to the Harbus for many of our students, alumni…


What's new in HARBUS Sports?

Well folks, I am confident that this is the most important and exciting thing that has happened since Erik Peterson got canned from the telephone joint in Vermont – a new HARBUS sports section. Besides commentary that rivals Rick Reilly, photos that the AP and Reuters would fight for, and sports information that is no…


Welcome to the Harbus Re-Launch!

The idea of the Re-Launch began with the online team. With its cleaner format, modern look and enhanced capabilities the new online edition is truly an outstanding product. Truth be told, the print edition began to look a little dated next to the new online edition, and so the editorial team quickly started planning their…

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