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Harbus Staff Works with Current Students to Publish Interview Guide

The Harbus staff recently published an updated version of the Unofficial HBS Interview Guide, expanding the perennial offering to incorporate new findings from the Class of 2014 .  The 45-page booklet, written for applicants looking for insights specific to Harbus Business School’s unique interview process, features real interview questions and answer analysis from last year’s successful applicants…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Folklore Learns that Starting a Company is No Easy Task

Idea? Check.  Investor Day presentation?  Check.  Name, ticker, and logo? Check.  Team Folklore got all of the basics down.  Now it was time to move from the brainstorming to the execution.  For those unfamiliar with the Folklore story, team FOLK’s product is a phone app that provides travelers with free user-generated audio tours of locations…


We Said, They Said

“We Said, They Said” is a monthly feature in which Harvard and Wharton MBA students take opposing positions on a topic relevant to both schools. The views expressed are those of the writers only and are not meant to reflect the general views of either student body. The case method of classroom instruction is favored…


Harbus or Harbus?

With two organizations on campus bearing the name “Harbus,” a little disambiguation may be in order as the new academic year gets underway.  Both the student newspaper and the student-run philanthropic foundation are called “Harbus.”   Here’s a little more information about each organization and what you can do to get involved in one or both:…


Harbus Foundation Awards $60,000 to Support Local Community Organizations

For more than a decade, the Harbus Foundation has helped support local non-profit organizations that tackle problems faced by the community right in HBS’s backyard.  With many non-profits facing a difficult fundraising environment due to the economy, the mission of the Harbus Foundation is even more relevant at this moment.  This year, Harbus Foundation teams…

On Campus

Welcome to the New Harbus Leadership Team

I remember this time last year when I was taking over the reins as the editor of the Harbus from Kay. The time commitment, the expectations of my classmates, and the mandate of improving the publication was bearing very heavily in my mind. In hindsight, I must admit that this has turned out to be…


The Harbus Featured in Fortune

On February 23rd, Fortune.com featured an article published in the popular MBA website Poets & Quants about the new 2011 Unofficial Harvard Business School Interview Guide published by the Harbus. This comes in the wake of changes the Harbus has recently ushered in including its new Facebook page (//tinyurl.com/TheHarbusFacebook), Twitter account (twitter.com/TheHarbusHBS) and revamped website….


Harbus 2.0

The Harbus is now on Facebook! In an effort to boost our online presence we will be tackling web 2.0 with new facebook and twitter pages, and a new website being launched by the end of the month. The facebook page will feature clips from articles as well as news and updates about on campus…


Deadbeat Harbus Rep

Hello classmates. Look at your Deadbeat Harbus Representative. Now back to me. Now back to your representative. Now back to me. Sadly, they aren’t me. But if they got off their lazy ass and started contributing to the Harbus, they could write like they’re me. Or they could write like they’re themselves. Or they could…



If you are interested in pursuing a strategy for poverty alleviation, you ought to look into entering the world of microfinance. Microfinance can be one of the most influential instruments to prosperity for the poorest of the poor, who will do whatever it takes to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty into prosperity….


Letter from the Editor

I thought I knew what I was getting into when I took over from Kay as Editor-in-Chief of The Harbus five weeks ago. The truth is that I had absolutely no idea. Five roller-coaster weeks and many sleepless nights later, as I present the last issue of the year, I am humbled by the abundance…



As you are all aware, on Tuesday the 12th of January 2010, Haiti was struck by one of the worst earthquakes in recent times. Since then, we have been bombarded with news reports and images of the disaster, which, as with other such news stories, can unfortunately become banal.expected even. However the reality is, the…


Are we Happy at HBS?

The Harbus of November 2, I thought, was for some reason very different from the usual issue. I wanted to keep that issue and maybe you ask why. If you happen to read my regular culinary column, which I like to think you do, maybe you are thinking that’s why, but this issue was different…


My Case Write Up

RC students have to decide if it is more advantageous to purchase or rent tuxedos for upcoming formal events. As Holidazzle approaches, RC students may be wondering whether to pay the $75 for a rental tux or buy an equivalent tux for roughly $300. Well, why not apply our newly-acquired Finance skills to solve this…


FREEDOM WITHIN A FRAMEWORK: Meet Blossoming Entrepreneur Vani Krishnamurthy (HBS ’07)

I meet Vani Krishnamurthy (HBS ’07) in New York City’s West Village bright and early one rainy Sunday morning. A former Fulbright Scholar to Chennai, India and a professional Indian classical dancer, Vani recently launched her own entrepreneurial venture after spending four years in management consulting. Sidestepping puddles and sprinting the three blocks from the…


Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Mia Saini (OC)

Reporting LIVE from New York City. Mia Saini used to work for an investment bank before coming to HBS with aspirations to become a business journalist. The Harbus turned the tables to ask her some questions about her summer experience. HARBUS: What did you do this summer? Mia Saini (MS): I did two things this…


Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Aland Failde (OH)

HARBUS: So where did you work this summer and what position? Aland Failde (AF): I worked in Brand Management at Activision… On the Guitar Hero team. HARBUS: How did you make the decision to work for Activision? AF: Well, you see. The amount of money I’ve invested in video games over the years is only…


Blind Dates

Six HBS students let the Harbus set them up on blind dates and agreed to share their experiences. Dating on campus? Non-existent? Negligible? More in need of stimulus than the economy? Your crimson cupids are here to change that. We plan to set-up students every month in the hopes of bringing love and laughter to…


Final Thoughts from the Editor

Before anything else, I have a confession to make: I never read nor wrote for the Harbus during my RC year. Knowing this little fact, you can imagine how conflicted I was when I left Cotting House (the former office of the Harbus) late one night about a year ago. I had just been elected…


New HBS Start-Up, ThredUp, Aims to ReFresh Your Closet

EC student’s recently launched clothing start-up brings change to your closet. Inspired by the Harbus’ recent issue dedicated to addressing whether now is a good time to be an entrepreneur, I sat down with EC student James Reinhart (OD) to learn about the his clothing startup, ThredUp, and to hear about the challenges of launching…


Around the World to Find the Girl Next Door

RCs Tomo and Taka share their romantic tale. It’s springtime and love is in the air. As the Harbus offers blind date opportunities and wedding dresses fill the windows of downtown Boston shops, we thought it would be appropriate to feature a truly engaging HBS love story. Cupid’s arrow hit Tomo Ishizumi, a former CEO…


Meet Joe Badaracco

Harbus: Thanks for sitting down with the HARBUS. Have you been interviewed by the HARBUS before?Badaracco: No, not that I recall. Harbus: Recently, a magician snatched your watch from you twice in several minutes. Do you have any idea how that happened?Badaracco: Well, obviously, he distracted me. The embarrassing thing was that he got it…


Single & Looking at HBS

For students, one of the greatest draws of HBS is the extensive alumni network and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships within their own 90 person section. In fact, when it comes to building networks, HBS students are highly successful at both cultivating friendships and translating network contacts into job offers. The only thing HBSers…


HBS Couple Profiles – Abigail Wattley & Kevin Kingman

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.Abigail: Well we don’t exactly know the first time we met.Kevin: We met at Williams during our freshman year. We were living in the same dorm and during our first week at school we met during orientation activities, although it obviously wasn’t a very memorable moment.Abigail: Then we went…


HBS Couple Profiles – Hanli Mangun & Jisun Park

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.Jisun: In the third grade in the Philippines, we went to the same elementary school. Actually, we have done all our schooling together, including college and grad school!Hanli: We actually went to prom together in high school, but we started seriously dating in college (University of Pennsylvania), and we…

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