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Bring on the Laughs: The Harbus Catches up with HBS Show Stars

As the scandal regarding the casting couch in the HBS theatre industry unravels, this intrepid reporter managed to sneak an interview with the couple at the center of the scandal – Becky and Ward Bullard (NE). Our readers might remember the allegations that Ward’s marriage with Becky was a pre-condition to his getting a role…


HBS Rocks

The Acoustic Lounge includes five members of the HBS Class of 2004: Paul Boruta (OA – rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Dan Edwards (OG – piano, vocals), Ranwa Sarkis (OJ – vocals), Omer Tore (OD – percussion, bass, guitar) and Jordan Burton (OJ – lead guitar). The band recently played a CD release party in Burden…


On-Campus Interview Series:

This week we interview the larger than life Texan, John Sheppard (OI). Prior to HBS he was an I-banker and then worked in venture capital. During his HBS career he has been known as ‘the man to know’ as he is well connected to Boston’s nightlife. If John hasn’t been there, it’s not worth going…


On-Campus Interview Series: A Georgian Thrill

This week’s interview subject is none other than Will Swint (NI). This paragon of Southern virtue hails from Sandy Creek in Georgia, and has made a name for himself on the HBS rugby field. The Harbus found Will in The Grille, musing renaissance-man style about the post-modern aesthetic inherent in the works of French artist…


City Year Team dazzles RC students

Thursday morning. The last day of the capsule Foundations course: Society and Enterprise. 80 RC students file into Aldrich 209 to debate the relationship of Timberland with City Year, and the implications the company’s recent performance on their involvement with the City Year project.After introducing the guests, Allan Grossman calls in two City Year team…

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