It's Time To F Off !!!

There have been a lot of questions all year about what goes on in the mysterious, clandestine Section F. I mean, how does a section with El Presidente, Luis Rodriguez, The Mayor, Mitch Weiss, and the Social Queen, Carole Gardner go so quiet in the student newspaper without even a mention? Even the editor-in-chief, Allen… Continue reading It's Time To F Off !!!

The First and Last Section ND Update

In case you haven’t noticed, Section ND hasn’t had a section update in the Harbus all year. And odds are you haven’t noticed if you yourself aren’t in Section ND. (I’m trying to think of the kind of person who reads section updates about other sections. Do they say to themselves, “Hmmm, I wonder where… Continue reading The First and Last Section ND Update

Love Letter to NE

To my fellow section mates:No one told me this was supposed to be a two-semester gig! I mean, wasn’t it enough that I reported all of the Section E happenings for the first quarter of our B-school experience? Now I have people asking me, “Lincoln, when are you going to submit your next piece? Section… Continue reading Love Letter to NE