Editor's Note:

Finally, we have definitive proof that at least one person somewhere in the world actually reads The Harbus! The three articles on Class Day appearing in this week’s Harbus actually were published on the Harbus Online website immediately after Class Day festivities ended-and with good reason. Our report on Jack Welch’s comments was picked up… Continue reading Editor's Note:

The EC Course Review Makes Selecting Classes Easier

Last year when Yale Levin (OC), Stephen Moret (OC), and I volunteered to work with Harbus Online to improve the EC course selection process we had no idea what impact this project would have on our class. The more we talked with second years, the more we realized that selecting EC classes had been a… Continue reading The EC Course Review Makes Selecting Classes Easier

Harbus Launches New Online Edition

Striving to offer HBS students a newspaper that matches their cyber-lifestyle, the Harbus is launching a new online edition Monday, February 5. Harbus staff say enlivened design and enhanced interactivity will draw ever more users to the address www.harbus.org. “The online edition is the primary gateway to the Harbus for many of our students, alumni… Continue reading Harbus Launches New Online Edition