On-Campus Interview Series: KOB

KOB (as he is affectionately known) hails from Andover, MA. His interests include Southwestern food, reading, New England sports teams and fishing for big striped bass. [The Editors also think they saw KOB with a big striped bass in the Kong once!] Fact File: Kevin O’Brien (OI) Height: 6ft Weight: 200 pounds Eyes: Hazel (picks… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: KOB

On-Campus Interview Series:

This week the Harbus interviews the wrestlers sex ‘symbol, Bryan Vaniman. Bryan hails from Oregon and insists he didn’t wear a cape and a mask when he used to wrestle. Although, we only asked him whether he wears these in the context of Wrestling… …can his girlfriend tell us otherwise…? Fact File: Bryan VanimanHeight: 6foot… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: