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Harbus or Harbus?

With two organizations on campus bearing the name “Harbus,” a little disambiguation may be in order as the new academic year gets underway.  Both the student newspaper and the student-run philanthropic foundation are called “Harbus.”   Here’s a little more information about each organization and what you can do to get involved in one or both:…


Creating a Breakthrough in Cambridge

The Harbus Foundation provides grant awards to organizations promoting education, literacy, and journalism across the Boston metropolitan area. All aspects of the foundation—from management of the endowment to selection of grant recipients—are HBS student-led replica watches.  If you are interested in getting involved with the foundation, email David Kiren at dkiren@mba2012.hbs.edu.     My experience…


Harbus Foundation Awards $60,000 to Support Local Community Organizations

For more than a decade, the Harbus Foundation has helped support local non-profit organizations that tackle problems faced by the community right in HBS’s backyard.  With many non-profits facing a difficult fundraising environment due to the economy, the mission of the Harbus Foundation is even more relevant at this moment.  This year, Harbus Foundation teams…


HARBUS FOUNDATION: The Nation’s only Foundation Run by MBA Students

The Harbus Foundation is a venture philanthropy organization that was created in 1997 by The Harbus News Corporation. Through annual contributions from the newspaper’s profits and prudent financial management, the Foundation’s endowment has grown to more than $1 million. Last year, 50 Harbus Foundation members gave away seven $10,000 grants to Boston-based initiatives that further…


Harbus Foundation Awards $70,000 To Seven Local Nonprofits

On April 28, the Harbus Foundation held its annual grant ceremony – awarding seven $10,000 grants to selected nonprofit organizations. The event was held in the Gallatin Lounge on the campus of the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. “The funds will have a really profound impact on the organizations we have chosen, given that…


Looking Forward

The Harbus News Corporation is a forum for the variety of voices at HBS- some eloquent, some disgruntled, some amusing and some controversial. Over the past year, the Harbus has strived to achieve a balance – between business and philanthropy, between controversy and discussion, and between frivolity and responsibility. Not many in the HBS community…


Philanthropy In Our Hands

The afternoon of April 15th saw Hamilton Lounge abuzz with a peculiar group of people: Did the Executive Education program organize a mixer? (Yes it did, but this wasn’t it.) It was, rather, the Harbus Foundation Grant Reception which was the culmination of six months of work by members of the Foundation. The Trustees, Management,…


Harbus Foundation turns 10

Q: What do get you when you put $800,000 in the hands of 400 HBS students? A: Ten years of the nation’s only MBA-student run foundation making a difference in the Boston community. Grant recipients are all Boston-area organizations pursuing initiatives related to education, literacy or journalism. Each grantee beat out at least three to…


Harbus News Donates $70,000 to Charity

For many people the Harbus is about hard hitting news, insightful opinion and rib-cracking humor. But for some people, the Harbus is a lot more. This week the Harbus News donated $70,000 to the Harbus Foundation. It will be used to grant awards and provide consulting services to promoting education, literacy, and journalism in the…


The Harbus Foundation

Writing large checks may not be unusual among HBS students, but a select group has found a way to write checks that make a difference to the Boston community.bankrolled by the nation’s only MBA student-run foundation. The Harbus Foundation is the only entirely student-run foundation in the country. It was originally founded in 1997 by…


Harbus Foundation: Students Grant Local Nonprofits Funds and Expertise

Writing large checks may not be unusual among HBS students, but a select group has found a way to write checks that make a difference to the Boston community.bankrolled by the nation’s only MBA student-run foundation. These students spent the fall term assessing grant applications from local nonprofit organizations on behalf of the Harbus Foundation,…


Harbus Foundation: Secrets Revealed

Right about now some of you are enjoying the Harbus for the first time. Soon you’ll find yourself grabbing a copy weekly and letting its witty writers ease the stress of topics like how to process wet and dry cranberries. While I won’t spoil that secret for you I will let you in on a…


Harbus Foundation Selects Eight Inspiring Non-Profit Organizations as 2005 Grant Winners

On April 20, 35 members of HBS’ Harbus Foundation, HBS’ student-run foundation focused on creating impact on the greater Boston community, came together to honor, celebrate and bestow non-profit organizations with seven $10,000 grants. After many months of rigorous and exhaustive application reviews, heated debates and repeated site visits, seven Harbus grantmaking teams focusing on…


The Harbus Foundation: Giving Has its Rewards

Marni Weil is a member of one of this year’s Harbus Foundation Venture Philanthropy Teams. Come learn more about HBS’ Harbus Foundation and meet student-selected grant awardees at a celebration on Wednesday, April 20th from 5:15 pm to 6:15pm in the Spangler Meredith Room. Before I came to HBS, the word “philanthropist” conjured up names…


Harbus Foundation Awards $70,000 to Local Organizations

Seven community organizations gathered in the Meredith Room last Wednesday to tell their stories and receive grants from the Harbus Foundation. The organizations’ missions ranged from work with immigrant women, to primary education, to mentoring for youth with criminal backgrounds. “For me, this is personal. My grandmother was an educator, and when she passed away,…


Greetings from the Harbus Foundation!

Founded in 1997 by the Harbus News Corporation, the mission of the entirely student-run Harbus Foundation is to provide grants to support education, literacy and journalism projects in the Boston area, and in the process, instruct Harvard Business School students in the management and operation of a grant-making foundation. With the start of the new…


Harbus Foundation Expands For Greater Impact

The Harbus Foundation, a student-run foundation funded by the Harbus News Corp., has expanded its operations beyond traditional grantmaking, to include venture philanthropy and greater campus outreach. “The organization is ready to grow,” said Rebecca Walden (OJ), a member of the Foundation’s management team. “The Foundation has done a great job of funding local nonprofits…

Want to Sponsor The Harbus?

You can sponsor the Harbus website to reach the Harvard Community. Learn more.


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