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Letter to the Editor

To the Harbus Editor: As a first-time reader of HARBUS and a non-HBS student, I was both positively and negatively surprised by the September 8, 2008 issue which gave overwhelming coverage to the book “Ahead of the Curve.” An entrepreneur (or journalist) could not ask for a better endorsement than to see their published work…


QuickPay's QuickFix: PayPal

As many of you know, QuickPay is no longer offered by The Harbus. With the Club Fair this week, implementing an alternative is a top priority for student organizations. Also, there is a lot of confusion about why the service was taken offline in the first place and why there is not another solution in…


Credit Where It's Due

We don’t know who was responsible, but whoever it was deserves thanks. Whether it was pre-scheduled or in response to last week’s editorial, we don’t know – but somebody solved the problem – and fast. We would like to think we’re so influential, but we (should) know better. Last Monday, by the end of the…


Why "Incent" is Not a Word

I was just going to say, when I was interrupted, that one of the many ways of classifying minds is under the heads of arithmetical and algebraical intellects. All economical and practical wisdom is an extension or variation of the following arithmetical formula: 2 + 2 = 4. Every philosophical proposition has the more general…


They Said What?

Okay, this is an unpaid advertisement: SEND IN YOUR QUOTES! It takes just seconds, and can contribute to the enjoyment of your entire class here at HBS (especially your section), as well as the classes a year ahead and a year behind you, who you may never see again after graduation. If nothing else, those…

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