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Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Dominique Baillet (OI)

What: Dalberg Where: Port-au-Prince, Haiti What did you do this summer? I spent my summer at Dalberg, a niche international development consulting, working on a project helping the US State department formulate their reconstruction strategy for Haiti. Although I was all set to enjoy a few months of good West Coast time in Dalberg’s San…


How Can HBS Help in Haiti?

On January 12th, 2010 a disastrous earthquake struck Haiti just 15 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. The consequences were grave: over 220,000 people died, more than 300,000 people were injured, and much of the capital city was left in ruin. The world responded with promises of support as Haiti rebuilt and recovered from the tragedy. Everyone…


Making A Long-Term Difference in Haiti

In response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti and severely damaged its education system, the HBS Student Association has launched a fund that aims to raise $45,000 from the HBS community to help rebuild Saint-Louis de Gonzague, one of Haiti’s most respected high schools. The SA has partnered with Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit…


HBS SA Social Impact Initiative

A top priority for next year’s Student Association (SA) is creating more opportunities for HBS students to serve in the local community. The initiative is part of an overall shake-up of the SA – its purpose and value to students. Throughout our conversations, one of the recurring suggestions we’ve heard from students is to offer…


HIT Rescue: A Tech Solution to Serve Patients and Reunite Families

HBS students rely on iPhones to organize their life, track appointments during the day and remain connected to news and email at all times – but have you ever considered how an iPhone could be used to serve patients and reunite families in a post-disaster environment like Haiti? Arriving in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic three…


Alice Yang (NC) on Partners in Health

The pertinent question is: even as immediate rescue efforts wane and Haiti fades from the headlines, how will we ensure that this tragedy becomes a turning point for Haiti’s development – an opportunity to “build back better,” in President Clinton’s words – rather than just another setback for the hemisphere’s poorest country? Since the devastating…


Changing the World One Check in at a Time

CauseWorld is a mobile application that allows users to “check in” to retail stores they visit in exchange for Karma points. Checking in entails using a mobile app to register where you are to share with friends, earn achievements or, in the case of CauseWorld, accumulate Karma. Once you collect enough Karma points, you can…



As you are all aware, on Tuesday the 12th of January 2010, Haiti was struck by one of the worst earthquakes in recent times. Since then, we have been bombarded with news reports and images of the disaster, which, as with other such news stories, can unfortunately become banal.expected even. However the reality is, the…


HID Conference Ponders Aids Developments

On April 6-7, 2001, the world congregated at The Kennedy School of Government for the Seventh Annual Harvard International Development Conference. Speakers from places such as China, Bangladesh, Bolivia, South Africa, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, and Dominican Republic, spoke about “Delivering Impact: Evolving Partnerships in International Development.” The conference organizers, made up from a partnership of…

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