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Harvard Management Deserves Reward for Great Performance

Harvard Management Company (HMC), a private company that manages the Harvard University endowment, once again outperformed its benchmark during the most recent fiscal year. Given the overall weakness in the global financial markets during this period, HMC’s performance is particularly impressive. HMC employs a team of investment professionals that use an active management strategy. The…


Students Flock to Meet Chinese Economist

On the first Friday afternoon of the new school year, almost 100 students packed Aldrich 209 for a presentation by Prof. Zhang Jun on China’s economic development. The event was organized by the Asia Business Club.Prof. Zhang Jun is one of the most prominent economists in China today, serving as the Associate Dean of the…


Harvard's Expansion Leaves Local Residents in its Dust

In 1636 the New World’s first college had about 400 pounds in its coffers. Today, this college, Harvard University, has an endowment of nearly $20 billion (a figure larger than the GDP of more than 50% of the world’s nations) and an annual operating budget of nearly $2 billion. Very impressive numbers, and ones that…


The Aging of America

The 1946-64 post-WWII Baby Boom saw the advent of the biggest generation of Americans ever. As this generation has worked its way through life, like a pig swallowed whole by a snake, it has wrought enormous and lasting changes on each stage of life. The generation that gave us free love and alternative lifestyles is…


HID Conference Ponders Aids Developments

On April 6-7, 2001, the world congregated at The Kennedy School of Government for the Seventh Annual Harvard International Development Conference. Speakers from places such as China, Bangladesh, Bolivia, South Africa, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, and Dominican Republic, spoke about “Delivering Impact: Evolving Partnerships in International Development.” The conference organizers, made up from a partnership of…


Secrets to Growth Revealed

There is no question that “growth” is back at the top of any CEO’s strategic agenda. “However, the mindset that has developed around growth projections is totally unrealistic for most companies – even considering the past decade of strong, economic expansion” argued Chris Zook during his growth strategy presentation last Thursday at HBS. The event,…


Recession Regression

Cheryl Alkon knew the job market was tight in 1992 when she graduated from college at the tail-end of the last real recession in the United States. But that didn’t make her six-month effort to find a job as a magazine writer any easier. “If someone was going to get a media job, I thought,…


HBS Team wins the second prize at the Dell Case Competition

“Business models are converging. New access devices are growing. Where it the money for Dell?”. It’s on this somewhat laconic assignment that the final of the Dell Case Competition started on January, 26th in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the enthusiastic HBS team (Don Khamapirad, Yi Sun, Ellis Chi and Benjamin Gigot).We spent 24 very intense…

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