Peter Thiel Uncensored

Does modern financial theory make sense? Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal and prominent venture capitalist, says no, and does so strongly. Speaking to a packed Burden auditorium, Thiel attacked the view of the world that has taken root in America—a view in which individuals cannot possibly have definite, deterministic views of what life will be… Continue reading Peter Thiel Uncensored

Robert S. Kapito

“The reason why ETFs are a phenomenal success is that they solved a lot of problems clients faced with mutual funds, namely surrounding transparency, liquidity, costs and tax-efficiency. Remember, we have been working on developing the ETFs for 15 years before it finally caught on and became popular. This alignment of securities features with client… Continue reading Robert S. Kapito

Tammie on Start-ups

On the outside it looks just like any other office building on West 20th Street in New York City: no bright lights, no big signs, no fashion models running you over as you enter.walking into the office area and getting greeted by the Halloween décor is also different than I imagined. but just as I… Continue reading Tammie on Start-ups

President of BlackRock talks “Money” with Mia

While at CNBC this summer I had the opportunity to meet Robert Kapito, the Founder and President of BlackRock and a graduate of Harvard Business School. As he was getting ready to go on-air on Squawk Box, we chatted about Harvard Business School and the economy. When I realized Mr. Kapito would be on HBS’s… Continue reading President of BlackRock talks “Money” with Mia

An Interview with HBS Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jeff Walker (MBA ’81)

This article is the third in a series of interviews with this year’s Harvard Business School Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Sponsored by the HBS Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program invites accomplished entrepreneurs to commit to either a semester or full academic year working with faculty and students on campus. Many people consider the worlds of… Continue reading An Interview with HBS Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jeff Walker (MBA ’81)

Lessons Learned – Forecasting Improved Sales Revenue

The Harbus is delighted to introduce our latest columnist, HBS alumnus and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jim Sharpe, who will be sharing business lessons learned over the course of his career. I’ve learned that predicting increases in Sales Revenue is much more elusive than achieving near term margin improvements, especially the further you are removed from the final… Continue reading Lessons Learned – Forecasting Improved Sales Revenue

Obamanomics has Arrived

President Barack Obama faces a long economic “to-do” list in his first term. The first 100 days must focus on stabilizing the economy by fixing the financial sector and passing a well-crafted stimulus bill. These policies will set the tone for the longer-term reforms required to address budget deficits, regulatory reform, and waning U.S. competitiveness.… Continue reading Obamanomics has Arrived

Deliberate Policy to Stabilize the Economy

The Federal Reserve chairman’s view that the US government may have to infuse additional funds into banks and separate “bad” assets from banks is correct. Banks are not in a position to lend to all creditworthy borrowers, as they remain under-capitalized given the additional trillion dollars plus of estimated losses the financial system is yet… Continue reading Deliberate Policy to Stabilize the Economy

Year End Tragedies-Where does Mumbai go from here?

It was a brazen attack the city of Mumbai had never witnessed the likes of. On the evening of November 26, young gunmen opened indiscriminate fire on crowds in various places including a fancy café, a hospital, the train station, a Jewish centre and two luxury hotels. Hostages were taken. Hundreds were killed. Many more… Continue reading Year End Tragedies-Where does Mumbai go from here?

2008 – Retrospectives – HBS & the Financial Crisis

By many accounts, the economic crisis has been the defining story of the year, but for many students who are still looking for full-time and summer offers, the question still remains, “What does all of this mean for me?” The National Bureau of Economic Research reported on December 1, 2008 that the US economy had… Continue reading 2008 – Retrospectives – HBS & the Financial Crisis

McCain is the Smart Vote for the Economy

The middle class may be slow to embrace the Obama economic plan for good reason. It defies the policy lessons learned from 50 years of economic expansion in the United States. John McCain offers a plan to incent businesses, entrepreneurs, and foreign investment leading to economic growth, job creation, and higher wages. Barack Obama claims… Continue reading McCain is the Smart Vote for the Economy

Saving Capitalism from Itself

Larry Summers’ keynote at the centennial business summit argues that business leaders must change their thinking to consider the threats against capitalism. The final plenary session of the Centennial Business Summit surfaced ideas that many of the participants were thinking throughout the conference: How will the form of capitalism we all know and love transform… Continue reading Saving Capitalism from Itself

Creating the “Born Global” Company

In a panel on Entrepreneurship in a Global Setting moderated by TEM Professor Toby Stuart, three panelists discussed the types of businesses that are best suited to be born into a global economy. The panelists were: Donna Dubinksy (MBA ’91) – Founder and CEO of Numenta, Inc. and former CEO of Palm Inc.; Hiroshi Mikitani… Continue reading Creating the “Born Global” Company

High Rollers

A group of 30 HBS students took September’s long weekend as an opportunity to leave Allston and meet face-to-face the people quietly-and not so quietly-changing the face of gaming and entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip, one multi-billion dollar development at a time. The Hospitality & Travel Industry Club kicked off the year with its… Continue reading High Rollers

Nothing "Generic" About Israel Makov

On Thursday, April 3, the Healthcare Club brought Israel Makov to campus to discuss the dramatic growth of Teva Pharmaceutical, Israel’s largest company and the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. Mr. Makov focused on his overall strategy as Teva CEO to grow his company through “acquisition and integration.” Israel Makov described his company’s… Continue reading Nothing "Generic" About Israel Makov

HBS Hosts X Latin American Conference

On Saturday April 12, 2008 the club Latino Americano of HBS hosted its X Latin American Conference with great success. More than 750 people were present, making it the largest Latin American conference in the history of HBS. The event looks to inspire the students, professors and professionals to reflect and act on the opportunities,… Continue reading HBS Hosts X Latin American Conference

Innovation in a Difficult Marketplace

Trevor Fetter (HBS ’86), President and CEO of Tenet Healthcare, shared stories about spearheading the turnaround of America’s third largest hospital system for the past four years. Fetter provided company background and event context, and highlighted core components of the company’s turnaround strategy. Ultimately, he stressed that what allowed him to succeed was that he… Continue reading Innovation in a Difficult Marketplace

VC&PE Conference Brings Industry Leaders to HBS

The 14th Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference held at Harvard Business School on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 HBS students had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the great names in venture capital and private equity on Saturday, February 2nd at the 14th Annual VC&PE Conference. More than 400 students walked the… Continue reading VC&PE Conference Brings Industry Leaders to HBS

Marketing to Win: Changing the Rules of the Game

Consumers now live in a world where their product choices are endless, their lives are more hectic than ever, and rapidly improving technologies surround them. Thus, marketers must work harder and smarter in order to capture consumers’ attention. This dynamic that exists today was the theme of the 2007 Marketing Conference, entitled “Marketing to Win:… Continue reading Marketing to Win: Changing the Rules of the Game

Globalization is Changing the Nature of National Sovereignty

On October 25, 2007, the day after the birthday of the United Nations (October 24, 1945), His Excellency Dr. Srgjan Kerim, the President of the 62nd Session of the UN General Assembly, a prominent diplomat on the world stage, addressed the Harvard Business School community on globalization and national sovereignty. According to H.E. Kerim, “the… Continue reading Globalization is Changing the Nature of National Sovereignty


New Program Uses 10 years of Harvard’s Research in India to Build Tailored Curriculum BOSTON – September 18, 2007 – Harvard Business School (HBS) in conjunction with the Harvard Business School India Research Center (IRC) today announced plans to offer its first executive education program in India in February 2008. The first-of-its-kind, Building a Global… Continue reading HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL ANNOUNCES FIRST EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM IN INDIA

Can We as Investors Make a Difference?

At the Social Enterprise Conference on March 4th, Peter Kinder, President of KLD Research & Analytics and Cheryl Smith, Executive Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Trillium Asset Management shared their insights on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Peter Kinder defines Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) as the “incorporation of ethical, religious, social and moral values… Continue reading Can We as Investors Make a Difference?

Some Business, Some Politics and Lots of Fun

The HBS Washington D.C. Trek took place February 25-27th, 2007. It was attended by nearly 60 HBS students and more than 20 companies and organizations. International Monetary Fund Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato delivered a keynote address to students and HBS alumni at the trek dinner. Sponsored by The Carlyle Group, the International Business &… Continue reading Some Business, Some Politics and Lots of Fun