Pearls Before Wine

It would seem, from my recent experience, that the Legal Seafood restaurant at Cambridge Center near Central Square is perhaps the hardest restaurant to find in the Greater Boston area. Despite being armed with a full address, printed directions and a BlackBerry with both GPS and Google Maps our taxi driver was still entirely unable… Continue reading Pearls Before Wine

Priscilla: Perspectives From the Token Australian

3 a.m., 2A Hingham Street, Priscilla after-party“This is the best night of my life”. “This”, I repeated slowly, “is the best night of my life”. From one perspective, of course, I had no right to be saying this. I was in my living room, wearing a cheap dress and even cheaper makeup. I was not… Continue reading Priscilla: Perspectives From the Token Australian

Events Around Town

Art & DesignTue., Sept. 30 “Planning for Great Cities.” (Loeb Fellowship Program, GSD) Ofer Manor, chief architect, City of Jerusalem, Israel; Gerald Green, director of planning, City of San Francisco; Ann Coulter, executive vice president, RiverCity Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Gund Hall, GSD, 48 Quincy St., 12:30 p.m. Wed., Oct. 1 “American Neoclassical Sculpture: Another Marble… Continue reading Events Around Town