HBS Hangouts-Noir

NOIRDetails: Cocktails: $10; Food: $3 – $10 1 Bennett Street (in Charles Hotel)617-661-8010 The Charles Hotel has become a home away from home for many students. If you are one of those people who shudders at the thought of voluntarily setting foot in this company presentation mecca, I wouldn’t blame you. However, with its entrance… Continue reading HBS Hangouts-Noir

HBS Hangouts-Sonsie

SonsieDetails:Dinner for two: $100327 Newbury Street (at Massachusetts Avenue)617-351-2500 If you have ever strolled up and down Newbury Street doing a tough day of shopping, you will no doubt have walked by this restaurant. In the summer, its high French doors open onto the sidewalk, making it prime people-watching real estate. However, the warm glow… Continue reading HBS Hangouts-Sonsie

French Heritage in Chile: Casa Lapostolle Winery

A mixture between French heritage and Chile’s exceptional natural resources can result in unique high quality wine, so is the case of Casa Lapostolle. Last week the Wine and Cuisine Society organized an afternoon of Chilean wine tasting along with speaker Alexandra Marnier-Lapostolle, chairperson, and Serge Lozac, brand manager for Moet Hennessy USA. Through a… Continue reading French Heritage in Chile: Casa Lapostolle Winery