HBS Insider

The problem with being an investor is that no matter what you do, you always have investments on your mind. From making analogies between dating and options theory, to viewing HBS as a forward on your classmates’ contacts, the topic never leaves. Hence, it only makes sense to tell you what was on my mind… Continue reading HBS Insider

Ice Wine

It has been referred to as “the nectar of the gods”. In the past decade, it has achieved “Prada handbag” status in the wine-drinking world, with counterfeit ‘faux’ product being manufactured and sold in Asia. Ice Wine is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after luxury goods for the urbane wine drinker. First produced in… Continue reading Ice Wine

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Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

The Bahamas are the greatest sporting nation on earth, followed closely by Australia. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens from August 13th – 29th. ‘But the US topped the medal tally, with China and Russia next’ I hear some wail. So we need to take… Continue reading Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

On-Campus Interview Series: A Baker Scholar

This edition of the Harbus sees 2004’s first faculty interview. At 6ft 6 inches, Assistant Professor Malcolm Baker has a commanding presence, but I quickly find out that he is a most personable and welcoming man. He is clearly popular with his colleagues – twice during our interview other faculty came in to ask him… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: A Baker Scholar

Events Around Town

art/designFri., Jan. 23 – Docent-led Tour: “Life as Art: Paintings by Gregory Gillespie and Frances Cohen Gillespie.” (HUAM) Fogg Art Museum, 12:15 p.m. Free with the price of admission. Call (617) 495-4402 or (617) 495-4544 for more information. See exhibitions. Sat., Jan. 24 – Gallery Talk: “The Continuous Stroke of a Breath: Calligraphy from the… Continue reading Events Around Town

What I Didn't Do On My Holiday – Basel, Switzerland

I got up at 5 a.m. this morning-not because it seemed like a good idea at the time, more because my body was convinced that it was 11 a.m. and I’d slept in. Such is the thrill of jetlag after returning to Harvard from three months in Basel, Switzerland. We had a fabulous summer with… Continue reading What I Didn't Do On My Holiday – Basel, Switzerland


It appears inevitable that the United States will soon go to war. If by chance of a miracle we do not fight Iraq, we will continue to engage with absolute certainty against the state of domestic and international public opinion. In one of this week’s featured articles, we explore America’s diplomatic strategy to persuade Turkey,… Continue reading Editorial

Sam Adams' Strong Line:

Since the brand was born in 1985, Sam Adams has been making beers that have greatly impact on the brewing industry. Sam Adams Lager helped bring about the microbrewery revolution and introduced better beer to many Americans. Not satisfied with one great success, the brand’s founder, Jim Koch, has constantly pushed forward by using innovative… Continue reading Sam Adams' Strong Line:

Jews For Harbus

I’ve never been particularly religious. Sure, I was bat-mitzvah-ed, I go to temple on the high holidays, I attend Passover seders (although try to boycott those that exceed twenty minutes), I utter the occasional Yiddish phrase, and I went to religious school on Wednesday afternoons at the most reform temple in Manhattan (so reform, it… Continue reading Jews For Harbus

Confessions of a Successful Dot-Com Entrepreneur

The sight was rare: a dot-com entrepreneur whose company is profitable. Last Tuesday, Intuit Chairman and founder, Scott Cook (HBS ’76) treated a crammed Aldrich classroom to his key learnings on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and manager. After a brief stint with Procter & Gamble, Cook established Intuit in 1983 with… Continue reading Confessions of a Successful Dot-Com Entrepreneur

Drinking in German Culture a Liter at a Time

Thousands of Oktoberfest revelers singing “Hey, hey baby, I want to know, if you’ll be my girl” and “Ein Prosit, ein Prooosit der Gemuet-lich-keit” still rings through the minds of twenty-seven EC students who celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany over the Columbus Day weekend. Oktoberfest has been celebrated in Munich every year since 1810, and… Continue reading Drinking in German Culture a Liter at a Time