Obamanomics has Arrived

President Barack Obama faces a long economic “to-do” list in his first term. The first 100 days must focus on stabilizing the economy by fixing the financial sector and passing a well-crafted stimulus bill. These policies will set the tone for the longer-term reforms required to address budget deficits, regulatory reform, and waning U.S. competitiveness.… Continue reading Obamanomics has Arrived

Are We Ready for Change?

The president of Shell Oil Company and the chairman of Simmons & Company International tackled three fundamental questions from distinctly different perspectives at the 2006 HBS Energy Symposium. The 2006 HBS Energy Symposium opened on October 24 with the daunting aim of answering three fundamental questions: What drives our world? How does our future look?… Continue reading Are We Ready for Change?

President Summers Speaks on the US' Current Account Paradox

“History suggests that a deficit of seven-plus percent [of GDP] and rising rarely end happy,” said President Summers in a speech last Wednesday at the Burden Auditorium. The former Treasury Secretary, in possibly his last address to the Harvard Business School as Harvard President, warned the large RC audience of the dangers of a ballooning… Continue reading President Summers Speaks on the US' Current Account Paradox

Social Enterprise Perspectives: Solutions to Poverty in Economically Depressed Madagascar

Organization: United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar Last summer, I worked at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Country Office in Antananarivo, Madagascar. I worked for the Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) Initiative replica watches uk, a program designed to identify and facilitate enterprise solutions to poverty. My task was to identify pro-poor private… Continue reading Social Enterprise Perspectives: Solutions to Poverty in Economically Depressed Madagascar

Lots Done, Lots More to Do:

South Africa has made great strides in addressing the legacy of apartheid, according to the South African Ambassador to the US, H.E. Barbara Masekela. Ms. Barbara Masekela who was appointed Ambassador to the US in June 2003 was speaking to students at the Kennedy School of Government, on March 10, on “Challenges Ahead for the… Continue reading Lots Done, Lots More to Do:

Surviving Afghanistan

Irfhan Rawji (OD) spent his summer working as a social enterprise fellow in Kabul, Afghanistan. During his time there he advised the Da Afghanistan Bank (Afghanistan’s Central Bank) on reconstruction and reformation efforts. Rawji recently shared with the Harbus his thoughts on the country and his experience, as well as some of the images he… Continue reading Surviving Afghanistan

Immelt Outlines GE's Growth Prospects

September 25 – A little over a year ago, Jeff Immelt (MBA ’82A) inherited one of the toughest jobs in corporate America. Succeeding the much-lauded Jack Welch, Immelt took over the helm of General Electric (GE) just a few days before the September 11 terrorist attacks. In front of a capacity crowd in Burden Auditorium,… Continue reading Immelt Outlines GE's Growth Prospects

Argentina in Crisis: What Went Wrong?

Last weekend’s Latin America Conference featured a surprise luminary speaker, Professor Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Professor of the Practice of Economic Development, who outlined events leading to the recent Argentina debt crisis that led to street riots and a revolving door to the presidency. Prof. Hausmann cited a decline in commodity prices… Continue reading Argentina in Crisis: What Went Wrong?

Phoenix Rising: Media in Asia

At the Asia Business Conference media discussion, Mr. Wu Xiaoyong, CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television and Ms. Sheryl WuDunn, Project Director for the New York Times Strategic Planning Group, led a powerful discussion on trends taking shape in the rapidly growing Asian media market, focusing primarily on China. The panel sought to identify opportunities to… Continue reading Phoenix Rising: Media in Asia

Social Reform in Italy

“The faster Italy resolves its own contradictions, the greater role it will be able to play in helping Europe achieve its three main goals: political integration, institutional efficiency, and competitiveness in the global economy.” With these words, Antonio D’Amato, chairman of the Italian Business Federation, concluded the meeting with MIT and Harvard students at the… Continue reading Social Reform in Italy

There's Hope Yet For the Economy

Now that we officially are in a recession, the question on everybody’s lips is “For how long?” On Friday, Abby Cohen-Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Chair of Goldman’s Investment Policy Committee-visited the HBS campus to explain why she is projecting a return to trend growth rates in real GDP and corporate profits in 2002.… Continue reading There's Hope Yet For the Economy

Students Flock to Meet Chinese Economist

On the first Friday afternoon of the new school year, almost 100 students packed Aldrich 209 for a presentation by Prof. Zhang Jun on China’s economic development. The event was organized by the Asia Business Club.Prof. Zhang Jun is one of the most prominent economists in China today, serving as the Associate Dean of the… Continue reading Students Flock to Meet Chinese Economist

Spring Break in Nicaragua

Whatever happened to Nicaragua? A few years ago the country was front-page news in the New York Times every other week, for all the wrong reasons. Chances are your impression is of a volatile banana republic plagued by natural disasters and rumbling civil war between Marxists and US-backed counter-revolutionaries. Yet the reality is very different,… Continue reading Spring Break in Nicaragua