Entrepreneurship is Overrated

I mean, we really, deeply, unabashedly, lust after entrepreneurship. It’s the dream job. Do whatever you want! No rules! Your own office, your own schedule, everything exactly the way you like it. There’s all kinds of statistics pointing to our collective interest in the profession (though, rather than having me actually research and cite any,… Continue reading Entrepreneurship is Overrated

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Professor Warren McFarlan

On Wednesday, December 8, the students in the EC course Managing in the Information Age (MIA) threw a surprise farewell party for their instructor, Professor F. Warren McFarlan replica watches, the creator of the newest course on campus (MIA in its present form) and one of the most senior and distinguished faculty members at HBS.… Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane with Professor Warren McFarlan

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Struggling Student Heads Up Professor Gift Drive

(Aldrich 712) Struggling student and former accountant Janet Moore, a border-line three in every class except FRC, has taken it upon herself to buy gifts on behalf of her section for every professor this semester, except Joe Cochrane, her FRC professor. “Everyone, I just want to let you know that I’ll buy all our appreciation… Continue reading Struggling Student Heads Up Professor Gift Drive

They Said What?

This week, we again bring to you a barrage of quotes from the EC and the RC. Please continue to submit all comments by email to quotes@mba2003.hbs.edu. —Prof. Richard Tedlow (Coming of Managerial Capitalism): [on teaching the railroad industry at HBS in the 1930s] “It’s the industry of the past, so we’re training people quickly… Continue reading They Said What?

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The True Cost of HBS

Quote : The true cost of HBS is not only about money. It is also about blood and tears. Now that Foundations is over and RCs have the pleasure of learning the intricacies of FRC, it seems like the perfect timing to ask the question of the true cost of HBS. There are at least… Continue reading The True Cost of HBS

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Back in the Saddle Again

Last year at this time I was scared out of my mind. I had no finance oraccounting experience and (gasp!) no knowledge of any Excel shortcuts.I was apprehensive about speaking in public. I was still reeling from the abrupt end of my fun, travel-filled, relaxing summer and the start of an intense, busy, overscheduled, 24/7… Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again

The Awkward Split of Finance I

The collective sigh of relief for most RC students from before the holiday break was short-lived because Monday, January 28 marks the last day of Finance 1-the final exam. While we students have undoubtedly developed our finance skills, moving from identifying sources and uses of cash in Butler Lumber to valuing a series of entire… Continue reading The Awkward Split of Finance I

Section E Ate My Hamster!

Job hunt getting you down? One of the keenest minds at the world’s best business schools recalls those happy days from the first semester, in the following extract from our section history…8.05am Arrive at study group. Last, as usual. Everyone is talking about some Tolkien creatures called Nordies. Utterly confused. I practice discipline by denying… Continue reading Section E Ate My Hamster!

Big Brother Watching Over?

I don’t think that HBS, or at least some of its departments, trust us. That’s disappointing. On December 18th, as I looked into what was a basketball court at Shad Hall to see hundreds of make-shift desks and miles of electrical wiring, likely costing thousands in labor and materials in order to facilitate the FRC… Continue reading Big Brother Watching Over?

RC Sections Raise $10,750 in "Food Fight" for Hunger

It was a great year for the MBA Food Fight at HBS as the Class of 2003 gave generously to alleviate hunger in America. The “Food Fight” is a friendly competition among MBA programs, with the goal of raising money for food banks in the United States through America’s Second Harvest (www.secondharvest.org). With over 20… Continue reading RC Sections Raise $10,750 in "Food Fight" for Hunger

NK Checks In for First Time

This just in . . . Don?t believe the propagandists, bootlicks, and running-dog lackeys: Section K lives. Speaking on deep psych background yet fearful of reprisals, sources said mutiny was abrew. Whether the insurgents sought my ouster, hide, or charred effigy for being such a slouch on this beat, one thing is clear: Folks sorely… Continue reading NK Checks In for First Time

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No Rest for the Weary

A lot has happened in the past two weeks for the A-Team. We’ve survived two midterms and the first of the finance quizzes, not to mention a freakishly large amount of reading in general. Many find themselves dreaming about the four-day Thanksgiving break-hoping that they don’t spontaneously combust before then. Yes, HBS would be just… Continue reading No Rest for the Weary

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Halloween at Club B

I love Halloween. It has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. Every year I wear a costume, no matter how old I may be getting. As it turns out, so do many sectionmates. Trick or Treat Club B celebrated Halloween in style, as if you would expect anything less from… Continue reading Halloween at Club B

Helpful Harvard Hints

Ever since I came to HBS, I’ve picked up a few helpful hints. After all, it’s the little things that make me happy. I’m sure most students already know about most that I will mention, especially the EC’s. However, some may not know, and for those people, I offer you my learnings… 1) Jake’s FRC… Continue reading Helpful Harvard Hints


The Harbus is always concerned about the welfare of its readership and last week the Harbus offered a Free Gift in response to the dissatisfaction of several students with the Finance Department as an entity unto itself. The Free Gift enabled one to claim back money and the text was as follows:I would like to… Continue reading Erratum

Life in H

After an all too short “spring” break, the boys and girls of Section H have returned-but someone switched our seats!!!! It’s just not the same anymore with Hector and Matt on the worm deck, and Mike Kaplan half asleep in the power deck, very near a convenient exit door. Strangely enough, Cold Call King Mark… Continue reading Life in H

New J Goes Skiing (Sex)

Thank you to Sisto Merolla for sharing with us his simplistic Italian approach for capturing reader attention. Last week I discovered that Joshua Margolis, our LEAD professor, and Bjorn Jorgensen, our FRC professor, read my simple NJ contributions to the Harbus. Now, the obvious tactic here would be for me to write a sniveling, greasy,… Continue reading New J Goes Skiing (Sex)

Abolish S&E, and the Mission Statement While You're At It

I laughed as I read the final essay assignment last week: “What were your major overall conclusions from the Society and Enterprise module?” For the January cohort that has yet to experience it, “S&E” is HBS’s two-and-a-half day ‘immersion’ program that purports to varnish us with an understanding of how business interacts with government and… Continue reading Abolish S&E, and the Mission Statement While You're At It