113th Boston Marathon!

DATE:Monday, April 20, 2009 TIME:Push Rim Wheelchair Start: 9:22 a.m.Elite Women Start: 9:32 a.m.Elite Men & Wave 1 Start: 10:00 a.m.Wave 2 Start: 10:30 a.m. DISTANCE:26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers) HISTORY This coming Monday, April 20th – also known as Patriot’s Day – marks the 113th consecutive running of the Boston marathon. From its… Continue reading 113th Boston Marathon!

Point of View — International Perspective on the US Elections

Argentina Martin Gorosito, Contributing Writer 1. From the point of view of the government of your country, which candidate are they supporting and why? When Argentine President Fernando de la Rua openly expressed support for Al Gore in the US presidential elections of 2000, he ended up supporting the non-winning candidate and had a hard… Continue reading Point of View — International Perspective on the US Elections

How Much Carbon is in Your Water?

Many Americans are drinking more water because they know it’s good for them, but a great deal pay for bottled water because they mistakenly think it is healthier than what they can get free from their tap. Truth is, tap water usually requires more testing than bottled water, and many common brands like Aquafina, Dasani,… Continue reading How Much Carbon is in Your Water?

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The Hidden Cost of Bottled Water

Most Americans drink bottled water because it is healthy – and we all know about the environmental impact of adding all the bottles to landfills. However, there is another factor that most people don’t usually think about: shipping costs. We consume one billion bottles of water each week, and those bottles have to be shipped… Continue reading The Hidden Cost of Bottled Water

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Random Rants

Welcome, dear readers. This is the first of what I hope will be a semi-regular column, given that most weeks I can usually find things that have irritated me enough to want to share them with HBS as a whole. For this inaugural edition, I begin with the theme of travel. Logan AirportWhy is there… Continue reading Random Rants

D‚j… Vu?

I am an optimist by nature. Always convinced that tomorrow will be better than today. That is, except for one thing. Observing French politics in recent years, I must admit that I have surprised myself by losing hope. Wherever my eyes would turn, whichever politician I would talk to, I would always have a sense… Continue reading D‚j… Vu?

In Praise of Chivalry

chivalry noun1. qualities of ideal knight: the combination of qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, especially women2. chivalrous behavior: considerate and courteous behavior, especially shown by a man toward women Chivalry occasionally gets a bad press, both from women arguing from a feminist viewpoint and from… Continue reading In Praise of Chivalry

HBS Insider

The problem with being an investor is that no matter what you do, you always have investments on your mind. From making analogies between dating and options theory, to viewing HBS as a forward on your classmates’ contacts, the topic never leaves. Hence, it only makes sense to tell you what was on my mind… Continue reading HBS Insider

The Five Files: Great Sporting Moments of 2004

There really were too many sporting highlights in the last 12 months. It was an Olympic year, it was a European Soccer cup year, and there was apparently some interesting stuff happening in baseball. Out of all the contenders for the great moments of 2004, I’ve gone for the following: 5. Arsenal’s Streak Comes To… Continue reading The Five Files: Great Sporting Moments of 2004

Revising Gordon Gekko – "Wealth, not Greed, is Good": French Finance Minister Speaks at HBS

On February 5th, Francis Mer, the French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, spoke at HBS on the topic of “Reflections on Corporate Ethics in our Global Economies and the Attractiveness of the French Economy” Mr. Mer, who was appointed Minister in May 2002, is the first business executive to take up that post. He… Continue reading Revising Gordon Gekko – "Wealth, not Greed, is Good": French Finance Minister Speaks at HBS

Bush Drops H-Bomb on Kim Jong-Il; N. Korea Ends Nuclear Program

(Washington, D.C.) Fearing a potential massive loss of American lives if global diplomacy continues to remain ineffective at resolving the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, United Sates President George W. Bush made the fateful decision last night to drop the H-Bomb on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. Once Kim confirmed that Bush actually… Continue reading Bush Drops H-Bomb on Kim Jong-Il; N. Korea Ends Nuclear Program

California Recall Draws Praise, Jeers

“A circus” is what one P.H.D. student called this week’s controversial election in California that catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger into the governor’s spot. Despite the publicity surrounding the event, only 40% of California’s 21 million eligible voters – that’s 60% of its 15 million registered voters – actually did the deed, according to the Los Angeles… Continue reading California Recall Draws Praise, Jeers

'Tis the Auction Season

There’s been a lot of chat around the campus as to what items were the craziest ones to go off in the Summer Search auctions across the first year sections. Not all the sections have had their auctions yet, but we surveyed those that have and we received some interesting results. Judge for yourself. Section… Continue reading 'Tis the Auction Season

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Harvard Team Heads to Paris for L'Or‚al Business Competition

Three students from Harvard, Marc Novakoff (OJ), Hector Lopez (OJ), and Sachin Palod (OF), will head to Paris to compete in the finals of the L’Or‚al e-Strat Challenge. Team Sino (NYU) and Team Locos (Harvard) will test their corporate management skills against teams from France, Taiwan, India, Poland, Brazil and Israel in this unique business/educational… Continue reading Harvard Team Heads to Paris for L'Or‚al Business Competition

Spring Break OB Style

Even if spring is not in the air, love certainly is in Club B. Not one, not two, but THREE of our sectionmates recently got engaged! Apparently, we are all a little too afraid of facing the prospect of “life after HBS” alone. Craig Chapman was able to convince his girlfriend, Carin Bronner, to marry… Continue reading Spring Break OB Style

The Other Beaujolais

With the release of Beaujolais Nouveau and last week’s article in theHARBUS, I was reminded of the Other Beaujolais. Being a Sommelier, I am in favor of any celebration featuring wine; however, this joyous Nouveau festival has masked how different the rest of Beaujolais can be. How different, you might ask? Much the same as… Continue reading The Other Beaujolais

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Beaujolais Nouveau: Celebration of the Vine

On the third Thursday of each November, an event takes place in the Beaujolais region of France that sparks a chain reaction around the world. In cafes and wineries, the first bottles from that year’s batch of wine are made available for sale with great fanfare. A race follows as exporters use whatever means available… Continue reading Beaujolais Nouveau: Celebration of the Vine

The Craigie Street Bistrot-A Hidden Gem

Craigie Street Bistrot 5 Craigie CircleCambridge, MA 02138617-497-5511www.craigiestreetbistrot.com In the age of theme restaurants and celebrity chefs opening one restaurant of decreasing quality after another, it is heartening to know that there are restaurateurs who are willing to remain humble and put their energy into the food. The Craigie Street Bistrot is a restaurant where… Continue reading The Craigie Street Bistrot-A Hidden Gem

Club Spotlight: HBS Rugby Football Club

Each year a new class of students enters Harvard Business School, along with Harvard’s other graduate schools. All of these students and their partners are eligible to join the HBS Rugby Football Club. Each year 50% of HBS Rugby’s team also graduates, making room for new players right from the start of the first match… Continue reading Club Spotlight: HBS Rugby Football Club

French Presidential Elections:

What happened? In last week’s first round of the French presidential elections, with 16.9% of the votes, Jean-Marie Le Pen (extreme right candidate) placed second to conservative President Jacques Chirac (19.9%), beating out Social Democrat Prime Minister Lionel Jospin (16.2%). As only the first two candidates of the first round qualify for the second round,… Continue reading French Presidential Elections:

The State of the U.S. -Transatlantic Relationship

The Interdependence of the EU and the U.S. Mr. Fran‡ois Bujon de l’Estang, the current French Ambassador to the U.S., was greeted by the HBS community with much anticipation last Monday afternoon where he delivered the first lecture sponsored by the HBS European Club’s new team to a packed crowd in Aldrich Hall. The crowd… Continue reading The State of the U.S. -Transatlantic Relationship

Les Barbarians d'HBS, Conquerants de Paris

On a cold Parisian afternoon in early March, HBS ruggers of past and present reunited to take on the formidable French squad from Ecole Polytechnique. The match resoundingly marked the inauguration of the first annual “Ex-athletes” Barbarian tour. The origin of a Barbarian tour can be traced back to 1890, when W.P. Carpmael of Bradford,… Continue reading Les Barbarians d'HBS, Conquerants de Paris

They Said What?

Okay, this is an unpaid advertisement: SEND IN YOUR QUOTES! It takes just seconds, and can contribute to the enjoyment of your entire class here at HBS (especially your section), as well as the classes a year ahead and a year behind you, who you may never see again after graduation. If nothing else, those… Continue reading They Said What?

Confessions of a Successful Dot-Com Entrepreneur

The sight was rare: a dot-com entrepreneur whose company is profitable. Last Tuesday, Intuit Chairman and founder, Scott Cook (HBS ’76) treated a crammed Aldrich classroom to his key learnings on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and manager. After a brief stint with Procter & Gamble, Cook established Intuit in 1983 with… Continue reading Confessions of a Successful Dot-Com Entrepreneur

Looking to Escape the Pressure?

Play the game of games. The Harvard Rugby Football Club was started by Dean McArthur and is one of the oldest, largest, and most active sports clubs on campus. HBS Rugby membership involves training, matches, tours, tournaments, and social events to accommodate class schedules. The Club welcomes all members whatever their desired commitment level. Players… Continue reading Looking to Escape the Pressure?