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VCPE Conference Moved to Fleet Center; Only Place Big Enough to Hold the Egos

(Spangler) The annual 10th annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference was officially moved to the Fleet Center yesterday, as conference organizers feared that its original location would be too small to hold all the egos. “We’re expecting a record turnout this year,” said EC student Barrett Mitchell, a co-conference organizer. “This means we’re gonna…


Game Notes: Nobody Beats the Wiz

Somehow I scored not just good seats , but great seats; the best seats and to Michael Jordan’s last game in Boston, directly behind the Celtic’s bench, close enough to hear Antoine Walker scream “[Explicative]” after missing a key free throw in the fourth quarter. Close enough to grab a Gatorade from the Celtics drink…


Upcoming Events in Boston

Theater addresses and phone numbers listed below Check Fleet Center master schedule for listing of Celtics and Bruins games March * All month “After the Big Dig: Artists and Architects Imagine” Free exhibit, Boston Public Library * 4th-9th, “Contact”, Wang Theater* 6th-8th, Requiem, Boston Symphony Orchestra* 6th, Lou Rawls, Concert, Plymouth Memorial Hall* 8th, “Get…


The Harbus Intraview

Hoop DreamsBy Amanda Renteria (NH) Once upon a time, in a land far far away, where the sun is bright and beautiful (Hollywood Trek), I met a guy named Derek Aframe. Although our encounter was brief, the stars must have been aligned at that very moment, since we later found out that we were meant…


Beautiful, Interrupted

Sarah Brightman’s performance at the Fleet Center was phenomenal. The audience was swept away by her daring costumes, fantastic lighting effects, and of course her voice which was exquisite and moved through you in a beautiful way. One of her opening pieces, “La Lune/Winter in July,” was opera with hints of techno music throughout and…

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