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Deliberate Policy to Stabilize the Economy

The Federal Reserve chairman’s view that the US government may have to infuse additional funds into banks and separate “bad” assets from banks is correct. Banks are not in a position to lend to all creditworthy borrowers, as they remain under-capitalized given the additional trillion dollars plus of estimated losses the financial system is yet…


HBS Administration Responds

To the MBA Classes of 2009 and 2010: I am grateful to Joey Castillo and the other Harbus editors for allowing me to share my thoughts about Ahead of the Curve, a new book by HBS alumnus Philip Delves Broughton (MBA 2006), which I have read carefully. The book – written as a memoir, and…


Hiring Outlook Remains Optimistic for 2006

This is the first in an occasional series of short articles focusing on career-related issues for the ECs in the fall and RCs in the winter. This week, we will shed some light on the macro conditions in the job market. Please contact the News Editor at jchng@mba2007.hbs.edu if you wish to comment or contribute…


An Unconditional Apology

Wow, this week has seen some developments – Nick’s tragic withdrawal from editing the Harbus, CNN coverage of the event and a question over the freedom of speech in Harvard. I felt a little left out so, to join in the spirit of “covering my butt,” I’d like to just make the following apologies. They…


B-School Ranking Rip-offs

I stumbled across a photo exhibition in Spangler a couple of weeks ago. It was called “This Wild and Precious Life.” You probably saw it – photos of slightly startled looking people who had just been asked what they wanted to do with their lives. I had to ask myself: is it the sole aim…

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