Offset Your FIELD 2 Carbon Footprint: Plant a Tree in the HBS Forest

In an effort to minimize the environmental footprint associated with travel during the FIELD 2 Global Immersion, the MBA Program has purchased 1,667 trees in the Chilean Patagonia forest. These trees will sequester 834 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), or roughly 16% of the carbon emissions associated with travel during January. MBA students now have…


Year Two Brings Host of Changes to FIELD Curriculum

In a wide-ranging interview, Alan MacCormack, the MBA Class of 1949 Adjunct Professor of Business Administration and the person in charge of HBS’s Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) curriculum, met with The Harbus to discuss changes to the FIELD program the faculty has implemented for the second year of the initiative. Last week,…

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From FIELD 3 Concept to Kickstarter Campaign

Most of us have iPads, but most of us don’t  have kids. That’s what I shared with Phyl Georgiou, the co-founder of Tiggly, who explained why I, and any adult that knows a toddler, could find Tiggly’s iPad toddler-toy useful. We all know a two-year old, right? In my case, I know plenty, so I…


Lessons of FIELD 1.0

In a wide-ranging interview last week, Alan MacCormack, the MBA Class of 1949 Adjunct Professor of Business Administration and the person in charge of HBS’s Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) curriculum, met with The Harbus to discuss changes to the FIELD program the faculty has implemented for the second year of the initiative….


Understanding FiMSim with Professor Alan McCormack

The Harbus sat down with Professor Alan McCormack to answer your burning questions about the Financial Market Simulator (FiMSim). This conversation has been edited for length and clarity by the author. How did FiMSim become part of the FIELD curriculum? What was the development process like www.replicaforbest.co.uk? Professor Josh Coval has had FiMSim in his…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

FIELD 3 Business Directory

  Corrections? Omissions? Leave a comment and we’ll take care of it ASAP.   Art & Home Company Name Ticker Website URL Category C Canvas ART Art & Home A Ezee EZEE ezeefurniture.com Art & Home D Furniture For Now FFN facebook.com/furniturefornow Art & Home A Really Awesome Designs RAD www.thebedledge.com Art & Home G…


Launching FIELD 3

It’s been a crazy week for the RC class, guinea pigs for Harvard Business School’s new FIELD program. Wednesday, April 11 was FIELD 3 Launch Day, when all 150 student start-ups needed to have a product or service ready to sell. After a morning of quick 10-minute presentations to investor sections, the financial market simulator opened for two hours of whirlwind trading.


Spotlight on Ypsos, the FIELD 3 turnaround success story

Picture this. It’s Go Day, and you and your FIELD 3 team have started building a product-based business. You pitch to your investor section, and despite a few tough questions, you walk out feeling great and high-fiving each other. Then, after the stock markets open, you hear that your stock price plummeted from $100 to $10 almost instantly.

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Operation Save.the.Date: Four Growing Pains

  Save.the.Date is a fun, fresh twist on dating for couples in a long-term relationship. Once a month, customers get a curated date-in-a-box – items and description included – delivered to their doorstep, so they can enjoy a great date night in or around their house. Save.the.Date adds creativity and mystery to couples’ dating lives,…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

This FIELD 3 Team is Out to Save.the.Date

Trading at $117 at the close of market, Section A’s Save.the.Date is off to a great start. It’s really no wonder given how good looking our team is. We have (in no particular order other than attractiveness), Prem, Nicole, Raviraj, Henry, Chris and myself. Oh, and the business idea has merit too. Once a month, our…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Team Folklore Navigates FIELD 3

This column will follow a few RC teams through the process of launching a start-up as defined by FIELD 3.  Below is the first installment for Team Folklore (FOLK), a group of six sectionmates picked to start a business and have their progress blogged about in the Harbus.  Find out what happens when FIELD 3 stops…

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FIELD: Sao Paulo

Over the past week, the cohort 6 teams have gotten to know quite a bit more about the Brazilian market and their respective partners’ industries. With the help of our local partners and enthusiastic translators, we were able to survey Brazilians of all age ranges, meet with impressive entrepreneurs and business owners, find more amazing…

On Campus

Confessions of a Field 2 Skeptic

It’s fair to say that I was a massive Field 2 skeptic. After this wonderful, fascinating week in Mumbai it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but if you’d asked me whether I even wanted to come here in the first place, the honest answer would have been no. I was fixated on all the wrong…

On Campus

Letters from the FIELD: First Impressions of Sao Paulo

Buffett dinner at Churrascaria Souths Place After finally falling asleep on the long and fairly sleepless flight from DC to Sao Paulo, Monica Baik–my seatmate–said to me “Did you see all of those soccer fields right before we landed?”  Sheepishly, I mumbled, “Hmmm? We are here?” The drive from the airport to our hotel, Melia…

On Campus

Letters from the FIELD: 5 Million Scooters in Vietnam

Scooters in Vietnam They are everywhere. Colorful, gearless scooters, which are the primary means of transport for almost every resident in Ho Chi Minh City. There are reportedly some 5 million scooters in Saigon, which is home to 10 million residents. With gas at $4 a gallon, and mostly just 2 lane roads with almost…



This is the first in a series of articles that aims to examine the RC’s opinion of FIELD and its effect on the first year HBS experience //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html.  This installment focuses on how RC’s view the upcoming Global Immersion as part of the FIELD curriculum. The Hives were full of anticipation on the night of…

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