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Patrick Kuhse: Former White-Collar Federal Inmate

“Five knocks always means the FBI: never six, never four,” explained Patrick Kuhse, former federal inmate, in an entertaining and well-attended talk to an audience of MBA and AMP students Tuesday, April 18. Mr. Kuhse detailed the eight errors in critical thinking that led him on a journey from successful stockbroker to white-collar criminal, international…


Negotiating to Win: FBI Crisis Negotiator Shares Insights

Picture this. You stroll into Aldrich 8 on a Monday afternoon and squeeze yourself into a seat along with more than 100 other students who have crammed themselves into every square inch of space in the classroom. You settle in, lean back and relax, grateful that classes are over replica breitling, and then……you get cold…


Make it a Blockbuster Night:

Jackie Brown – she knows where she’s goin’ and she knows what she’s gotta do. Quentin Tarantino conveyed this message clearly in the opening scene where Jackie Brown (Pam Grier), a beautiful stewardess over 40 dealing with hard times, is seen walking confidently through an airport with a gaze fixed on her final destination. Acting…


A Personal Note From John Ashcroft

From the Baltimore Sun, April 6th edition: “In this [Justice Department] field office in Washington, 32 prosecutors, investigators and a handful of FBI agents are spending millions of dollars to bring anti-obscenity cases to courthouses across the country for the first time in 10 years.”To the people of America, My name is John Ashcroft, and…


A&E This Week

Focus on…….DVD’s In light of the cold and the snow, this week’s edition of Focus On takes a look at recently released or upcoming releases of DVD’s. Grab a rental, pop some popcorn, and snuggle in with your favorite undergrad for a nice, cozy night. Radio (Release Date: Jan 27th) Rating: 1/2Outside of Disney’s animated…


FBI Foils Plot to Kick Sushi Club Founders' Butts

(Spangler Parking Lot) Federal authorities said Monday they arrested three people and foiled a campus-wide plot to kick the crap out of the Sushi Club founders. The three people arrested are purported to be Kipper Logan, VP of Recruiting for the Wine & Cuisine Society, “Hoot” Thompson, an unaffiliated EC student and Gabriel Evans, a…


Patrick Kuhse, Former International Fugitive and Convicted Felon, Addresses HBS Students

Patrick Kuhse first started to feel dissatisfied at Arizona University. The Iowa country boy joined a fraternity where he confronted the painful contrast between his plain replica watches ordinary roots and his friends’ wealthy families. Despite growing up in a “very tight family unit” Kuhse began to believe, “I didn’t grow up so good.” As…


From HBS to the FBI

HBS has prepared me for the most amazing opportunity post-graduation. Starting two months ago, I became Special Assistant to the Director of the FBI, a position in which I am learning the complexities of managing a federal agency undergoing extensive re-engineering efforts. It is a wonderful privilege and honor to work within one of our…


The Intraview's Post Game Interview

Me ‘n’ Her AuntieGoldie: OK, so do you think we should blow the cover off your not-so-bachelor-ish first date? I think we should. His name starts with a B, then it has an E… Farrell: That’s just mean. AuntieGoldie: What’s wrong with mean? Farrell: He’s already gotten what was coming to him. AuntieGoldie: What was…

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