Upside Down

Did you notice that 2002 is perfectly symmetrical? If you write it from right to left, you get exactly the same number. Those palindromic years are pretty rare, and happen only once every century. It is even less common to go through two of those years as we do (1991 and 2002). The last time… Continue reading Upside Down

Welcome to the Harbus Intraview

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, and we’re off to the races. This season’s Intraviews start off in memorable fashion, with a cross-school date between the estimable Mark from the Kennedy School and Mary from Section NE. How Max the Cabdriver became involved is a longer story.An update on Auntie’s Professional Matchmaking Magic: the number… Continue reading Welcome to the Harbus Intraview

Case Rip Cord:

“Globalization of Markets”: In his seminal 1983 Harvard Business Review article, retired HBS Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt argues that consumers in markets worldwide crave premium products that mulitnational corporations produce in their home countries. When these mulitnationals expand globally, Levitt says they should avoid the push by marketing departments to customize their products for the… Continue reading Case Rip Cord:

NG Takes One from OE

NG (1-1) upset OE in dramatic fashion to take sole ownership of 2nd place in the North division. “It all came down to the goal line stance in the final seconds of the game,” said Jennifer McCoy, linebacker and blitz specialist for NG, and that it did. NG held off OE in the final seconds… Continue reading NG Takes One from OE

Into the Lion's Mouth

My HBS classmate at the Kennedy School with the spiffy name card seemed certain I could survive the B-School. But first, I’d fish him for information. I was coy: “Any…ad-vice?” I thought he would give me something subtle, something that would allow me to negotiate the complex corridors of the B-School’s culture. “Don’t wear leaves… Continue reading Into the Lion's Mouth

Latina Beauty Queen

How many times have you pretended to be someone you weren’t? Keep in mind, we’ve just gone through Hell Week where I had to convince various people that I was interested in investment banking while running numbers on the “industry-standard” financial calculator programmed into my Visor. FYI – having to use a stylus to punch… Continue reading Latina Beauty Queen