CEO of Dualstar Entertainment Group visits HBS

On October 15, Diane Reichenberger, the CEO of Dualstar Entertainment Group, visited the Harvard Business School to discuss the distinctive aspects of building and marketing celebrity brands. Dualstar Entertainment Group is an international corporate group that was founded in 1993 to leverage the universal appeal of Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. The group is wholly-owned… Continue reading CEO of Dualstar Entertainment Group visits HBS

Straight from the Front Row: Fall 2007 New York Fashion Week

Ah, the fashion week stereotype: gorgeous girls, never ending champagne, celebrity mayhem, and parties that rival Carnivale! From the perch in the Moet et Chandon lounge, where models more stunning than those on the runway freely pass out long-stemmed fuchsia flutes, it would appear that way. This is the experience of VIPs, those celebrities and… Continue reading Straight from the Front Row: Fall 2007 New York Fashion Week

HBS Men and Facial Hair.With or Without?

When you get no free alcohol and no real money at the RC Casino Night, you start browsing through the Gucci numbers on the ladies and assessing the synchronized dramatic wholesale improvement in the appearance of the HBS male population. Male grooming and fashion have come a long way with an escalating range of ‘balding… Continue reading HBS Men and Facial Hair.With or Without?

Step, Step, and Turn

I had long suspected that may of us here at HBS harbored dreams of greatness. In my section alone, we have the future president (maybe dictator?) of Mongolia-and that caused barely a ripple of surprise. So when Mike Walsh wrote his scintillating article on the HBS Fashion Show, I knew I was in for an… Continue reading Step, Step, and Turn

Graziano de Boni:

What defines luxury? For Graziano de Boni, president and CEO of Valentino Fashion Group USA, luxury goods are characterized by five factors: time, quality, consistency, timeliness emotional fulfillment and scarcity. De Boni was invited by the Luxury Goods and Design Business Club to address HBS last Wednesday and spent an hour outlining the dynamics in… Continue reading Graziano de Boni:

The Domination Continues: HBS Men Capture "Hogfest" Tournament Title at Wharton

It was with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that the Harvard Rugby Club boarded their team bus for their annual trip to Philadelphia for Wharton’s “Hogfest” Tournament. A year ago, the team dominated the rest of the MBA field, capturing the team trophy with a final combined score of 137-0. This year was different,… Continue reading The Domination Continues: HBS Men Capture "Hogfest" Tournament Title at Wharton

Donna Karan CEO: From Tax Lawyer to Fashion Boss

At first glance, Jeffry Aronsson appears an unlikely pick for CEO of one of the world’s most famous fashion houses. He looks like – well, a lawyer. Donna Karan’s CEO got into the fashion world by accident, when Oscar de la Renta tapped him for help in licensing and other transactions. “I could see him… Continue reading Donna Karan CEO: From Tax Lawyer to Fashion Boss

President of Vera Wang Cites Keys to Success in Fashion Business

To succeed in the fashion business, Vera Wang President Susan Sokol recommends having the diplomatic skills of an ambassador, a hide as thick as a rhinoceros (OK, she didn’t specifically cite the animal), the moxy to approach anyone at any time, and the creativity to reinvent yourself upon demand. Then work really, really hard. Sokol… Continue reading President of Vera Wang Cites Keys to Success in Fashion Business

What Do Women Want?

What do women want? Although most men like to think they have us figured out, the reality is that each woman comes complete with her own set of problems and demands. Fortunately, for both men and marketers, the answer to this question may be as easy as identifying a woman as one of four archetypes.… Continue reading What Do Women Want?

Emerging Markets: No, Not China and India – The Story Behind Gen Art's Emerging Artists and Designers

Flash back to the early nineties. Just after the decade of greed had come to an end and the ramifications of consumer exuberance were catching up to us. A period during which the economy was stuck in a nasty recession and the country was fresh from the first war in Iraq. Now imagine being a… Continue reading Emerging Markets: No, Not China and India – The Story Behind Gen Art's Emerging Artists and Designers


Threads: My Life Behind the Seams in the High-Stakes World of Fashion By Joseph Abboud with Ellen Stern (New York: Harper-Collins Publishers, 2004). Guys, Joseph Abboud knows how it is. “Most guys want to look good,” explains Abboud, the founder of JA Apparel, whose love for his hometown Boston sports teams might be only thing… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Threads

King Of The Night

“If you don’t know Patrick McMullan, you ought to get out more.” -Andy Warhol Ever wonder what it is like behind the scenes of those star-studded parties that you see plastered on the cover of US Weekly? Patrick McMullan, one of the world’s most celebrated party, fashion, and society photographers is just the person to… Continue reading King Of The Night

A Sharper Image

Three buttons, point collars, four in hands…oh my! Dust off your suit and shine your shoes — the interviews are about to begin. After spending several years in the fashion industry, I wondered how I could give advice about interview attire. After all, I did buy my first suit for the HBS interview, and even… Continue reading A Sharper Image

Career Perspectives: Crispin on Dynamic Fashion

My criterion for the ideal summer job was simple: I wanted an environment that would allow me to explore the psychology underlying consumer decision-making in an operational setting. I quickly discovered that finding a consumer products company in New York City, my self-imposed location constraint, was going to take a little more effort than simply… Continue reading Career Perspectives: Crispin on Dynamic Fashion

Behind the Glamour

The lights dim and the chatter of fashion industry insiders, celebrities, and socialites are replaced by the thumping sound of dance music. All eyes are focused on the peninsula shaped runway that juts out in the sea of well dressed people. Photographers, armed with Nikon cameras, jostle for position. As the beat of the music… Continue reading Behind the Glamour

Lingerie Comeback Queen: Frederick's Transformed

“You have Frederick’s to thank for black lingerie,” Linda LoRe, CEO of lingerie icon Frederick’s of Hollywood, asserted. “It was considered quite scandalous when it was first introduced in our flagship Hollywood store in 1946”. Addressing an audience at Harvard Business School, LoRe discussed how she led the dramatic transformation of the misguided retailer over… Continue reading Lingerie Comeback Queen: Frederick's Transformed

Rising Fashion Star Zac Posen Speaks at HBS

At only 23 years of age, Zac Posen is perhaps the youngest speaker to visit HBS. On Friday April 16, the much celebrated American fashion designer, accompanied by his mother Susan, addressed an audience of both HBS and Harvard Graduate School of Design students in an overflowing Hawes Hall classroom. The HBS Luxury Goods and… Continue reading Rising Fashion Star Zac Posen Speaks at HBS

Risking Reebok

Micky Pant, Chief Marketing Officer of Reebok International, was recently at HBS at the invitation of the Marketing Club to give a talk on the “Risks and Rewards of Brand Marketing.” The Harbus had the opportunity to speak with Pant while he was on campus and discovered the inside (and very amazing) story behind Reebok’s… Continue reading Risking Reebok

She Thinks/He Thinks

More complicated than the imperial board in the Shad TOM exercise, the delicate interplay between the female and male HBS minds is a well observed and yet totally undocumented phenomenon. Thus, I have decided to delve deeply into the psyche of the two genders, examining their intricate thoughts in situations we can all relate to.… Continue reading She Thinks/He Thinks

What I Didn't Do On My Holiday – Basel, Switzerland

I got up at 5 a.m. this morning-not because it seemed like a good idea at the time, more because my body was convinced that it was 11 a.m. and I’d slept in. Such is the thrill of jetlag after returning to Harvard from three months in Basel, Switzerland. We had a fabulous summer with… Continue reading What I Didn't Do On My Holiday – Basel, Switzerland

HBS Retail Show Looks Fabulous in Leather

Models, springwear, business suits, and yes, chains and whips. Words are hardly able to describe the stunning demonstration of couture, beauty, elegance, and black patent leather at this year’s HBS Retail Club Fashion Show, “Successorize – Earn Your Living…Live Your Earnings” hosted at the Matrix Club in downtown Boston on Tuesday, April 15th. Model’s wore… Continue reading HBS Retail Show Looks Fabulous in Leather

HBS Style

Can I get away with wearing French cuffs and cuff links to an interview?– signed “Ineeda Job” Double cuff shirts (a.k.a. “French” cuffs) began as a sign of distinction during the mid-1980s for any young up-and-comer looking to show off his wealth, success, or (more generally) attitude towards business. Far from a rarity, double cuffs… Continue reading HBS Style

A Minute With: Gina Sanders

Gina Sanders is the founding Publisher of Teen Vogue magazine, launched in February 2003. In the same month of launching this new magazine, Ms. Sanders celebrated her fifteenth year with Conde Nast Publications, where she has also held the Publisher’s posts at mainstays Gourmet and Details magazines. Ms. Sanders’ career on the sell-side of publishing… Continue reading A Minute With: Gina Sanders

Partner Perspective

I have finally realized that retailers have figured me out. I am a pawn in their little capitalistic game. Their ultimate tool is playing upon my desire to be a kid again. Clothing styles seem to cycle about every 20 years. This, I believe, is purposefully done by the fashion industry. Why? There is something… Continue reading Partner Perspective

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Dressing For Interview Success: Casualness Breeds Casualties

Visit for more information. Copyrighted by J.M. Wanes & Associates. Reprinted with permission. You’ve probably heard all the sayings: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, “the first impression is the lasting impression”, “if you dress like a person of substance and integrity, you will, more often than not, be… Continue reading Dressing For Interview Success: Casualness Breeds Casualties

Meet your HBS

Compiled by Dan Shanoff (OA) Brendan Biggins (OE)Besides training for the marathon, I like to: …spend every other waking moment preparing the numbers for my cases.Personal ideal running conditions: Quiet morning. Sun slowly rising. Cool 60 degrees. No one around…just me and the road.Favorite Carbohydrate-laden food: Little Debbie Nutty Bars.Favorite song on running mix tape:… Continue reading Meet your HBS