850 people come together to raise $15k for charity with annual RLGC fashion show

photo by Christopher Huang //christopherhuang.com

Regular contributor Emily Dohse reports on the the eighth annual Retail & Luxury Goods Club Harvard Business School Charity Fashion Show. If you’re currently an RC, you may be panicking about how many 3s you’ll get this semester (probably one, someone has to get them).  If you’re an EC, you’re definitely panicking about riding into the… Continue reading 850 people come together to raise $15k for charity with annual RLGC fashion show

Alumni Fashion & Apparel Recruiting Advice with ‘Adore Me’ Founder & CEO

The Harbus had the opportunity to sit down with HBS Alum Morgan Hermand-Waiche (MBA ‘10), Founder & CEO of apparel company Adore Me, and asked him to share his thoughts on the fashion industry, how he differentiates himself from competitors, and what he looks for in a successful applicant during his own recruitment process. Megan… Continue reading Alumni Fashion & Apparel Recruiting Advice with ‘Adore Me’ Founder & CEO

5 Reasons to Try Trunk Club… and 5 Reasons to Wait

My mom recently described my personal style as a cross between Flo Rida and Ricky Martin. I signed up for Trunk Club the next day. In this special issue of The Harbus, I describe the highs and lows of my experience with the most exciting thing to happen to men’s fashion since eco-friendly, single-use underwear.… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Try Trunk Club… and 5 Reasons to Wait

Street Style at HBS

Tyra Banks may have been the most well-known, fashionable student to grace our campus in recent years; yet, every day many of her lesser-known classmates express their diverse fashion styles while strutting the runways of Spangler and Aldrich. Here are just a few of HBS’s own fashionistas. Lynn Yu, NG (pictured in See by Chloe… Continue reading Street Style at HBS

“That’s So Cute! Is it New?”: Avoiding the “Tryhard” Look

Tryhard: (verb, noun, adjective) to obviously try very hard to achieve a certain look; to put in too much effort in a way that is easily detectable. “Is that new?” The dreaded question that is the bane of every caaj girl’s existence. A caaj girl doesn’t ever want anyone to know that anything she is wearing is new… Continue reading “That’s So Cute! Is it New?”: Avoiding the “Tryhard” Look

The Fashion Issue: The 2012 Retail and Luxury Goods Conference

Welcome to The Harbus‘ annual Fashion Issue. Since HBS students are in the business of looking good in class, at the Kong, and in the boardroom, it seems fitting that we devote this week’s paper to fashion as an industry and an art. In this issue you’ll hear from campus fashionistas and fashion entrepreneurs in… Continue reading The Fashion Issue: The 2012 Retail and Luxury Goods Conference

Venture Corner: Fashion Start-Ups at HBS

This week’s Venture Corner explores two HBS start-ups in the fashion world. Both started by current HBS students, Love That Style and Grace Choi & Co., seek to use digital media to engage target clients in a unique fashion experience.

Valentine’s Day is Here – Don’t Be a Tryhard

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you have started to stress about what to wear for the big date night. All the magazines tell you to wear something red or pink and uber-feminine, but does anything scream more “OMG, I am so glad it’s Valentine’s Day, I have been waiting for this day… Continue reading Valentine’s Day is Here – Don’t Be a Tryhard

Rent the Runway’s HBS Founders & VCs Create a Cinderella Story

For those second-year HBS MBA students wondering if they have time to successfully launch their own companies before graduation, the success of 2009 MBA grads Jenny Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman with their company, Rent the Runway, proves it is not too late. Section I Friends Jump at an Idea Founded in 2009 while the two… Continue reading Rent the Runway’s HBS Founders & VCs Create a Cinderella Story

The Great Escape: The HBS Charity Fashion Show 2011

The plan is in place.  On Monday 21st November, the EC, RC and partner model inmates rounded up by the RLGC police will be BREAKING OUT! That’s right, the HBS Charity Fashion Show is back and better than ever!  At hot new Boston club, Bijou, our very own HBS models will be sporting trend-setting looks… Continue reading The Great Escape: The HBS Charity Fashion Show 2011


You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it floating around people’s Facebook. You might have even been featured on it. The StyledLuxe blog is here to demystify fashion for the broader HBS community and encourage people to show their creativity, have fun with fashion, and put their best-styled foot forward. The EC founders offer styling tips… Continue reading StyledLuxe

Modeling, HBS Style

The Annual Charity Fashion Show Returns HBS is full of pretty models.  But on Tuesday March 29th, we went beyond macros and took it to a new level – real live people. 35 HBS Students and Partners seamlessly transitioned from brilliant men and women of business to radiant darlings of the runway, with the help… Continue reading Modeling, HBS Style

Celebrating Sanity Is Not Enough to Restore It

Many of us at HBS have been in boardrooms where executives have had to grapple with very tough issues facing their companies. Imagine an executive walks into a board meeting saying, “We need to improve X and make significant changes. The current model is not working. do not know, however, what to do exactly; and… Continue reading Celebrating Sanity Is Not Enough to Restore It

FashionStake – Put Consumers in the Cycle

Harbus sits down with FashionStake co-founders Vivian Weng (OH) and Daniel Gulati (OJ) to discuss their recent company launch in New York, raising a venture round and what they’ve learned about startups and entrepreneurship. There are several things you can do with your summer: go hostel hopping across Europe, hit the beach and work on… Continue reading FashionStake – Put Consumers in the Cycle

Health Matters!

On March 22, HBS was visited by an uncommon group of VIPs – those from the fashion world.ÿAnna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Michael Kors, American fashion designer and judge on Lifetime’s Project Runway, and Natalia Vodianova, Russian model and philanthropist, came for a private reception and to speak at a public forum regarding the impact… Continue reading Health Matters!

Tammie on Start-ups

On the outside it looks just like any other office building on West 20th Street in New York City: no bright lights, no big signs, no fashion models running you over as you enter.walking into the office area and getting greeted by the Halloween décor is also different than I imagined. but just as I… Continue reading Tammie on Start-ups

Books & Looks

Vivian Weng (NH), an RC student, recently launched the Mittenberry, a modern spin on the mitten. Worn normally, it looks and feels like a classic mitten. But a quick flip of the thumb flap allows the wearer to type and text on her device du jour. Lily-Hayes Kaufman (LHK): Would you say that Mittenberry is… Continue reading Books & Looks

2009 HBS Fashion Show

On April 7th, a team of ten visionaries brought together thirty HBS models and an eco-friendly palette of New York, L.A., and Boston-based fashion designers for the 6th annual HBS Retail & Apparel Club Fashion Show. In collaboration with the Social Enterprise Club, the team focused on global biodiversity. Thus, Elements of Style was born,… Continue reading 2009 HBS Fashion Show

Books & Looks

HARBUS: At HBS you have combined books with looks – in fact you have started a business inspired by your love of fashion and your unique style. NETTA: It’s true. It was my belief that everyone should be able to buy and wear distinctive clothes and accessories which inspired me to create AlmaBoutique. Meanwhile, it… Continue reading Books & Looks

Democratization of Retail and Luxury Goods

Retail and luxury goods serve as mirrors of our self-worth, personality, economic, social and political standings. In the past, luxury goods were only available exclusively to the high-class, rich and famous. Today, the luxury industry has changed drastically to become democratic. The industry has realigned our economic class system because it has grown to become… Continue reading Democratization of Retail and Luxury Goods

Eco-Friendly Office Tips

This summer, most of us will be drinking the Kool-Aid once again after one year of drinking out of eco-friendly Nalgenes. For those of us trying to live environmentally friendly existences, staying Green in an office setting can present a real challenge. Offices are notorious for using copious amounts of paper and electricity, and are… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Office Tips

2008 HBS Spring Fashion Show

On March 12th 2008 at Gypsy Bar in downtown Boston, over 300 students attended the annual HBS Spring Fashion Show. While students waited eagerly to see friends and section mates walk down the catwalk, fashion show directors and models were anxiously getting ready for the show with excitement. With clothes carefully chosen from such designers… Continue reading 2008 HBS Spring Fashion Show

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Alumni Panel on High Fashion and Beauty:

On Wednesday, February 27th the Luxury Goods and Design Club welcomed a panel of young and entrepreneurial Alumni to share their experiences in the high fashion and beauty industries. Yael Melamed (MBA 2005), Mary Ruisanchez (MBA 2005) and Katlyn Gao (MBA 2007) commented not only on the “emotional aspect” of selling luxury products, but also… Continue reading Alumni Panel on High Fashion and Beauty:

Art of Fashion at Fashion Week New York

Fashion is the most practical form of artistic expression. It is cultivated from the dress of art, emotions and thought. During the Fall 2008 Collection of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, fashion history continued to be etched on its runways. Perhaps this act was symbolized by… Continue reading Art of Fashion at Fashion Week New York