Big Brother Watching Over?

I don’t think that HBS, or at least some of its departments, trust us. That’s disappointing. On December 18th, as I looked into what was a basketball court at Shad Hall to see hundreds of make-shift desks and miles of electrical wiring, likely costing thousands in labor and materials in order to facilitate the FRC… Continue reading Big Brother Watching Over?

There's Hope Yet For the Economy

Now that we officially are in a recession, the question on everybody’s lips is “For how long?” On Friday, Abby Cohen-Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Chair of Goldman’s Investment Policy Committee-visited the HBS campus to explain why she is projecting a return to trend growth rates in real GDP and corporate profits in 2002.… Continue reading There's Hope Yet For the Economy

What I Learned in the RC

20. Always take your answers out to four decimal places19. Countries fail when their leaders can’t calculate CAGRs 18. AES is like a magic ball made of rubber bands17. Canadians swear a lot at the negotiating table16. Never underestimate the vitriol between the controller and the guy on the shop floor15. Windows is better than… Continue reading What I Learned in the RC