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Prof. Howard Stevenson’s Five-Year Plan

One of the best things about this school is the quality of speakers that we have access to. Immelt, Dimon and Dalio come and go to vast crowds. On Tuesday, the Entrepreneurship Club gave us a talk with Professor Howard Stevenson, the father of entrepreneurship at HBS, talking about his approach to entrepreneurship and to…


Prof. Clay Christensen Reflects on Past and Future Endeavors

This year marks Professor Clay Christensen’s 20th anniversary as a member of the HBS faculty. In those 20 years, Professor Christensen has forged a formidable legacy. He founded the consulting firm Innosight, the hedge fund Rose Park, and has authored nine books. Christensen has also applied his research to many diverse fields through the Innosight…


Professor Alvin Roth Wins Nobel for FIELD 2 Algorithm*

* Note: Professor Roth’s market design theory, which has practical applications for matching algorithms and was used for FIELD 2 emerging market location matching, was actually what won him the Nobel.  Harvard Business School professor Alvin Roth was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences last week for his research in market design. The…

On Campus

Sexual Assault at HBS Spurs Dialogue on Student Culture

The HBS community began a sobering process of self-reflection on Thursday when all 10 RC sections convened for mandatory lunches in the wake of a sexual assault incident that raised questions about the broader culture at Harvard Business School. “We’re devoted to creating the conditions where people can thrive, so when we heard about this…


Understanding FiMSim with Professor Alan McCormack

The Harbus sat down with Professor Alan McCormack to answer your burning questions about the Financial Market Simulator (FiMSim). This conversation has been edited for length and clarity by the author. How did FiMSim become part of the FIELD curriculum? What was the development process like www.replicaforbest.co.uk? Professor Josh Coval has had FiMSim in his…


The Harvard i-Lab enables the Next Generation of Innovation

Scribbled across one of the whiteboard columns in the previous home of the WGBH-TV are the words once spoken by Ken Olsen, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation — “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” These words as well as many other well-known erroneous predictions are written throughout the walls…


Faculty Soccer Team 1 – EC Men’s Soccer Team 0

Last Monday, Harvard’s Ohiri Field was host to the HBS Faculty-EC student soccer classic.  Looking to build on a quarterfinal finish in last fall’s Yale cup and a second place finish in group play in the Texas MBA Soccer Tournament last winter, the HBS EC Soccer team entered this fall with high expectations for the…


Khanna to Helm South Asia Initiative And Launch Significant Interfaculty Initiatives of Relevance to Contemporary South Asia

In his new role as director, Tarun Khanna will work to advance Harvard’s research and educational mission within the field of South Asian studies, working with faculty colleagues on the institute steering committee, and reaching across the faculties of the University. The South Asia Initiative welcomed Tarun Khanna, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at Harvard…


Letter from the Editor

I thought I knew what I was getting into when I took over from Kay as Editor-in-Chief of The Harbus five weeks ago. The truth is that I had absolutely no idea. Five roller-coaster weeks and many sleepless nights later, as I present the last issue of the year, I am humbled by the abundance…


Gender Discrepancies in Academic Performance

Students, in partnership with faculty and administration, are continuing to focus on improving female academic performance at HBS. Are men and women equal at HBS? It’s a question that has been front of mind at HBS in recent weeks. In a recent staff meeting, HBS professors as a group discussed ongoing discrepancies in male and…


Section J Charity Auction

Joe Benevento bid $4,700 on a section mate’s gracious donation of “1% of his gross earnings in 10 years”. Why you might ask? Read on! The sun wasn’t down yet but the J-Crew (i.e. New J) already had their sunglasses on in preparation for their annual Section Charity Auction.ÿ On Saturday, April 25, 120+ members…


IXP 2010-Immersion Experience Program

This winter, the Immersion Experience Program (IXP) continued its focus on participant-centered, field-based experiential learning activities.ÿIn January, almost 400 HBS students took part in six international programs – China, India, Peru, Rwanda, UAE/Bahrain and Vietnam – and three domestic programs – New Orleans, Silicon Valley and Boston – giving first- and second-year students an opportunity…


IXP – New Orleans

More than 40 HBS students, faculty and staff landed in New Orleans on January 6 ready to roll up their sleeves for the next 10 days and put their knowledge and skills to practical use. The New Orleans IXP began five years ago as a student-led initiative to help clear the destruction caused by Hurricane…


Welcome to Admitted Students Weekend

To the applicants admitted to the Class of 2012 (and your partners with you here this weekend), we want to wish you a warm welcome to Harvard Business School! Congratulations on the achievement, and we hope you’re excited about being here and getting to know HBS this weekend. As current students actively engaged in the…


Global Exposure Project 2009

In the year ahead, more than 12 million American children will face hunger. That is one in six. This holiday season, the HBS Art Society created the first annual Global Exposure Project, an exhibition that celebrates the photographic talent of HBS students and faculty while raising money for Share Our Strength, a 501c(3) non-profit committed…



With January just around the corner, The Harbus is getting its wanderlust on. Last year, we devoted an entire issue to global immersion coverage. In anticipation of all the captivating places you will visit and people you will encounter over J-Term, we would like to share the history of the Winter Immersion Experience Program at…


Event Raises Funds for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research

On Sunday April 26, 43 HBS students and faculty braved 80-degree weather to run a 10k for Prize4Life. This new initiative, “Run4Life”, strived to create a fun and healthy HBS-wide event to raise funds for Prize4Life. In less than three weeks, passionate runners came together from different sections and classes and successfully raised over $3,000….


Social Enterprise HBS Business Plan Finalists – Doodh Bhandar

1. YOUR PITCH: Rural India is home to over 500 million low-income people who live on less than $2 per day. Cattle are an important asset owned by the Indian rural poor- half of all rural households own either a cow or a buffalo. However, their productivity is extremely poor, an average Indian cow yields…


Class Day 2009 Faculty Award Winners

The entire faculty at HBS is truly exceptional but each graduating class only gets to recognize two outstanding professors for the RC year and two for the EC year. The Class Day Committee is pleased to announce that the 2009 Faculty Award Winners are: -Joseph Lassiter RC Professor of The Entrepreneurial Manager-Jan Rivkin RC Professor…


All You Ever Wanted to Know About HBS Graduation Week

Together with the SA Social Committee and the EC Section Officers, the 2009 Class Day Committee will be busy working to make the Class of 2009’s last week at HBS a memorable one. Following a month-long break after final exams, ECs will return to school for Graduation Week 2009 spanning June 1-4. Graduation Week events…


The Curious Case of the Asian Harvard Annual Conference

More than 600 students, faculty, and invited business leaders from around the world attended the 2009 Harvard Asia Business Conference, the largest annual conference Harvard University has to offer. With large delegations flying over from all across Asia and especially entire student delegations and faculty from Chinese universities, this is a conference that embodies much…


Getting Academic Support at HBS

For some students, HBS can be a somewhat overwhelming experience and juggling academics with other obligations can be at times a bit much. However, there are several channels of support available and resources to help out in the educational process. Your Ed Rep is a naturally contact to first hash out educational issues and determine…


The Satyam Scandal Explained

The global corporate community was flabbergasted and scandalized when the Chairman of Satyam, Mr. Ramalinga Raju resigned on 7th January, 2009 and confessed that he had manipulated the accounts by $1.47-billion. Background “The truth is as old as the hills” opined Mahatma Gandhi, christened the Father of the Nation by Indians. So a company named…


Winter Immersion Experience Program

The Immersion Experience Program (IXP) maximizes participant-centered learning experiences by combining the School’s distinctive case method of teaching with field-based learning activities that integrate first- and second-year students. The IXP model offers MBA students an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with faculty in a more personal, small-group learning environment. The cornerstone of the IXP is…


Business Summit: Students Not Welcome?

Student Letter October 20, 2008 A letter to the HBS Administration: As a second-year MBA student, I am a deep believer in the values that the Harvard Business School embodies. One of these values is the notion that all MBA students are awarded the same opportunities and are treated in the same way by the…


Interview with Professor McFarlan

Friday afternoon. The end of a short week for RCs, but the end of something larger for Professor McFarlan and the HBS community at large: the end of Centennial Celebrations. HBS turned one hundred this year, and the year-long series of events had as its capstone moment the Global Business Summit. Professor McFarlan was the…


First Year, First Week

The Class of 2010 enjoys its first week at HBS. 908 students get acquainted with each other, the faculty and the case method. A week of sunshine in Cambridge lent itself to the daily inner struggle: formal attire to make that first impression, or sandals and short sleeves to celebrate the weather and radical life…

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