Another Model for Leadership and Community Values at HBS

Recently, an issue came up in Section A. Without getting into specifics–and since most of you probably know them anyway–the crux of the issue was: what does a section do when the majority wants to do one thing but the minority is opposed? The answer proposed to us by our section chair was that a… Continue reading Another Model for Leadership and Community Values at HBS

We Need to Talk

Several years ago at Dartmouth College, a fraternity and sorority co-hosted a hip-hop-themed party which was also advertised as a “Ghetto Party” via email. While the party’s organizers never intended to offend students from other backgrounds, many students were outraged over the party’s theme. This led the faculty and several student organizations to host a… Continue reading We Need to Talk

The EC Start:

I have to admit, when I came back to school this fall I was a bit concerned. Okay, very concerned. I, like many of my classmates, was returning from my summer internship with a great deal of learning and insight into my career goals, yet completely empty-handed. No offer.Naturally, I was afraid that the moment… Continue reading The EC Start:

Stop and Smell Yourself

Please don’t bury your head in your armpit; it looks ridiculous and it won’t help. You’ll never sniff out your self, your real self, that easily. And isn’t that part of why we’re here, to sniff out more about ourselves? Try thinking of yourself as a fine wine, and I’ll share with you some sniffing… Continue reading Stop and Smell Yourself

The Art of Snore

“The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.” This quote comes from General Sun Tzu’s thirteen-chapter treatise, referred to as The Art of War. As one of the most revered military figures of ancient China, Sun Tzu, [circa 400 – 320 B.C.]… Continue reading The Art of Snore

For-Profit Charity Fundraiser Pallotta TeamWorks Shuts Down

Pallotta TeamWorks, the Los Angeles-based for-profit fundraising organization for charities has closed its doors. On August 24th the Associated Press published a report by AP writer Andrew Bridges that the company, founded by Harvard College graduate and last spring’s Social Enterprise featured speaker Dan Pallotta, laid off its entire workforce of more than 250 people,… Continue reading For-Profit Charity Fundraiser Pallotta TeamWorks Shuts Down

Year In Review:

The following is printed in the HBS 2002 yearbook’s Year In Review page. It is reprinted here for RCs and those who did not purchase a yearbook. The unthinkable happens. Minutes into an early day of the 2002 fall term, four planes at terrorist hands made dramatic turns off course, and with them went much… Continue reading Year In Review:

NH: Vaunted Madness

Vaunted Madness is down to its Sweet Sixteen. Spearheaded by Section H Deejay, Brian Hoskins, Section H has been participating for the past few weeks in a self-run tournament of silly games. Every student participates, broken out in “country” quartiles, and then each student also turns in their brackets, hoping to be the one who… Continue reading NH: Vaunted Madness

NK Wins Class of 2003 Section Olympics!

Photos by Juan Uribe (NF) On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 23, 2002, the 11 sections of the class of 2003 went head-to-head in the inaugural Section Olympics, a series of athletic, intellectual, and creative events. AthleticsIncluded the following events: Bat Spin, 3-Legged Race, Free Throw Shooting, Grapefruit Pass, Tug-of-War. Gold: Section HSilver: Section KBronze:… Continue reading NK Wins Class of 2003 Section Olympics!

Baker Library

// MouseDriver Chronicles by John Lusk and Kyle HarrisonPerseus Publishing, 2002 The MouseDriver Chronicles is a likable book chronicling the experience of two Wharton MBAs from the class of 1999 who started a company. If their learning experience came out of the bubble, it had more to do with traditional business activities than “burn… Continue reading Baker Library

Jews For Harbus

I’ve never been particularly religious. Sure, I was bat-mitzvah-ed, I go to temple on the high holidays, I attend Passover seders (although try to boycott those that exceed twenty minutes), I utter the occasional Yiddish phrase, and I went to religious school on Wednesday afternoons at the most reform temple in Manhattan (so reform, it… Continue reading Jews For Harbus

Baker Library Introduces Regular Harbus Column

This is the first issue of a regular semi-monthly column from Baker Library. Its purpose is to provide an ongoing forum for keeping students informed about library services and resources. Some of the features you can expect to see in the future include:  Information about new resources of special interest to students  Responses… Continue reading Baker Library Introduces Regular Harbus Column

Preparing for the Perfect Storm:

Pamela Thomas-Graham, a graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School (MBA ’89, OH), is now President and Chief Executive Officer of CNBC. Despite adverse family circumstances, Ms. Thomas-Graham came to AASU’s Naylor Fitzhugh conference where she was honored with its 2002 Professional Achievement Award. Prior to working at CNBC, where she… Continue reading Preparing for the Perfect Storm:

From the Editor In Chief

Since I began my tenure as Editor In Chief of The Harbus, each week’s edition has raised concern from at least one important constituent. Editorially speaking, it is nearly impossible to please everyone with every issue, yet I am never happy when an edition raises concern for someone. Responding seriously and sincerely to those concerns… Continue reading From the Editor In Chief

SA: What's Hot This Week

SA elections are this week. Position papers will be posted in section classrooms. Speeches will be given Monday, February 25 at 3pm in Burden Auditorium. They will also be accessible through the my.hbs page. Elections for SA President, Chief Financial Officer and the SA social committee will be held on Thursday, February 28th with run-offs… Continue reading SA: What's Hot This Week

Two Senators' Thoughts on The Student Association

Most MBA students are vaguely aware of what the Student Association or the Senate does. Our goal in this article is to make the inner-workings of the SA clearer and to offer some ideas of how we think the Student Association and Senate can serve the student body even better (many of which have come… Continue reading Two Senators' Thoughts on The Student Association

Today's World Belongs Inside the Classroom

HBS is a beacon of learning, a repository of general management knowledge, and an educator in all aspects of business. And yet class after class, the pertinent issues occurring in the outside world are being ignored in favor of the cases. Discussions about Enron are foregone in favor of debates over non-profit Indian eye clinics… Continue reading Today's World Belongs Inside the Classroom

Mixed Mayhem

By Guillermo Villanueva (OB) Club Iberoamericano RepresentativeRegardless of currency devaluations and few job offers for Harvard MBAs, Latinos feel that there are always good reasons to celebrate and be together. Club Iberoamericano definitely well deserves the reputation as one of the best party organizers on campus after hosting the “Corona” party on Jan 26th, transforming… Continue reading Mixed Mayhem

Two Taboos – Unhappy and Single at HBS

Does the idea of section bonding make you nauseas? Are you developing arthritis from sitting in the same seat, in that same room? Are your section mates spreading “she’s too good for us” rumors because you haven’t been seen at the last ten section events this past month? Are you bruised from bumping into the… Continue reading Two Taboos – Unhappy and Single at HBS

Bold Possibility, Important Causes:

Dan Pallotta is the Founder and CEO of Pallotta TeamWorks, a for-profit social enterprise that has raised more money for AIDS and breast cancer charities than any private enterprise in history. In seven years, the AIDSRidesUSA have channeled over $83 million directly to AIDS charities, and the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks have put over… Continue reading Bold Possibility, Important Causes:

Dean's Memo Stirs Awareness and Reflection

On Monday, December 12, MBA Program Director and Dean Carl Kester sent a memo to the full MBA student body about “standards and expectations regarding professional behavior.” In it, he highlighted six behavioral themes that included class attendance, behavior in public spaces on campus and at off-campus events, and classroom decor. While Dean Kester acknowledged… Continue reading Dean's Memo Stirs Awareness and Reflection