Elections In Your Section:

Democracy is the fairest and most effective, even if the most time-consuming, decision-making process that is available to us. The twin pillars on which democracy is based are knowledge of the alternatives and freedom of expression. Having a knowledge of the alternatives allows you to decide on the best option available and freedom of expression… Continue reading Elections In Your Section:

Section G Captures Olympic Gold

The RC class spent last Wednesday afternoon in a heated inter-section competition – the annual Section Olympics. Mike Butville (NB) and Sri Krishnamachari (NI) kicked off the opening ceremonies with much fanfare, well disguised as Deans Clark and Kester. However, the real Dean Kester arrived just in time to tag the aforementioned thespians with dodgeballs,… Continue reading Section G Captures Olympic Gold

SA / MBA Awards:

The Student Association and the MBA Program have partnered to develop an awards program that recognizes students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS community. Nominations can be made by any member of the HBS community, and the Awards Committee comprised of both students and staff uses multiple criteria,… Continue reading SA / MBA Awards:

24 Days Author Tells What It Was Like To Break The Story Of The Century

Few people ever get the chance to help expose a fraud as massive as Enron’s. Wall Street Journal reporter John Emshwiller, who broke the Enron story, shared his thoughts with the Harbus about the bestseller “24 Days”, which he co-wrote with fellow reporter Rebecca Smith. The title refers to the amount of time that elapsed… Continue reading 24 Days Author Tells What It Was Like To Break The Story Of The Century

A Letter to the International Olympic Committee

“To boondoggle is human. To boondoggle the IOC is divine.” Your Sports Editors are tired of visiting the Harbus office and finding the A&E pigeonhole full of free stuff, and ours sadly empty. But did we call the waaambulance? No. We have decided to take matters into our own hands. Over the next few months,… Continue reading A Letter to the International Olympic Committee

Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara

On March 3rd, the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government hosted a talk “The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara”, based on the 2004 Academy Award-winning documentary film by Errol Morris. Robert McNamara himself was present at this talk. Moderator Graham Allison, Director of the Kennedy… Continue reading Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara

Black History Month @ Harvard Business School

This was the first year the African-American Student Union (AASU) sponsored a month long celebration of black history at HBS in honor of the nationally recognized Black History Month (BHM) which is held each February. This year’s celebration involved three signature events that highlighted key areas of black history and culminated in the 32nd Annual… Continue reading Black History Month @ Harvard Business School

The Necessity of Free Speech

The following comments were in response to a controversial cartoon that was featured in The Fed, a Columbia University sponsored newspaper. The fallout following the cartoon lead to the NY Times article entitled “Columbia President Denounces Racially Offensive Incidents” and gave new life to the argument over free speech. I was disappointed to learn of… Continue reading The Necessity of Free Speech

The Five Files:

The Five Files return this week, with a detailed look at the author’s favorite park in the world – le Jardin Du Luxembourg, in Paris. The park is usually noted for three things: its natural, verdant beauty, its superb location in the centre of Paris, and the tendency for it to descend into a hub… Continue reading The Five Files:

Tales from Finals

I did everything right. I studied for hours, I went to the review sessions, I did the end-of-term pit dives, everything. Unfortunately, the results for my final exams did not reflect the amount of hours I spent preparing. (Fortunately, I ran my mouth incessantly in enough classes that I was able to be invited back… Continue reading Tales from Finals

Ladies of Section C Soon to Outnumber Men!

(Aldrich 10) – Okay, maybe not officially, but this little growth phenomenon is definitely worth mentioning. The ladies of Section C recently hosted this year’s first Ladies Only event, a wine and cheese night at One Western Ave. So why are the Gents of Section C so proud of them? Easy, because they were nice… Continue reading Ladies of Section C Soon to Outnumber Men!

Building a Happy and Healthy HBS Community

Doctor’s Orders: “Eat better, sleep more, exercise more, and obsess and stress less”. Chances are, between classes and company presentations, study groups and social events, most HBS students will be hard pressed to follow these recommendations, or even to manage three out of the four. Nevertheless, Dr. Bruce Biller, Medical Director of Business School Health… Continue reading Building a Happy and Healthy HBS Community

Go East or Bust

ECs: I remember sitting in the same shoes as many of you last year – happy with my summer internship, but more excited to leave the working world and return to the safe haven of the HBS “bubble.” However, I quickly abandoned my hopes of daily visits to the Redline as the state of the… Continue reading Go East or Bust

In Da Club

As most of you know, I’m one of the people that have been walking around all teary-eyed for the past couple of weeks over the prospect of having to end this wonderful vacation from reality. So, I planned to write a heart-wrenching tearjerker of an article, so sad that there wouldn’t be a dry eye… Continue reading In Da Club

Why World Affairs Are Important For HBS

Picture the vast Atlantic Ocean. Deep blue water all around as far as you can see. Now picture a little sailboat cruising slowly in that vast expanse of Ocean. The Ocean represents what we might call “world affairs”-the political, cultural, social, and macroeconomic contours of life on this planet. The sailboat represents the personal life… Continue reading Why World Affairs Are Important For HBS

Hell Week:

Remember what you wrote in your HBS admission essay on the topic of career aspirations? Starting classes at the end of August you cannot even imagine how quickly your career aspirations will be transforming, evolving and shaping your career search activities. Remember the Rule of Thumb at HBS: “Everybody will get a job.” The job… Continue reading Hell Week:

Personal Impressions

Perhaps you have wondered what transpired in the art world to bring impressionist posters to the dorm walls of college women everywhere. The answer may lie in the current exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A strict teleological interpretation of Impressionism leads us to understand this period as a natural progression toward… Continue reading Personal Impressions

The Beers before DeBeers?:

A short while ago, and much to the delight of her family and friends, my sister became engaged to be married. With the announcement began what is sure to be months of arduous work planning the wedding and reception. As brother of the bride, I was given my first assignment early, even before they decided… Continue reading The Beers before DeBeers?:


Turning this blinking cursor on a blank page into a poignant editorial on our position on The Harbus’ independence, my optimism about the incoming editorial staff, and my excitement about the upcoming changes to the paper caused a lot of anxiety and only arrived after three previous versions of this essay. Perhaps these obstacles were… Continue reading Editorial

Greetings from the 2003 News & Campus Affairs Editorial Team!

We are excited to be on board with The Harbus 2003 team and to be charged with bringing dynamic, informative and provocative news to the HBS campus. Many of you have indicated that you would welcome a wider breadth of news coverage at The Harbus, and we look forward to working with you to make… Continue reading Greetings from the 2003 News & Campus Affairs Editorial Team!

Going, Going, GONE!

Throughout the history of sports, there have been some memorable retirement speeches. Lou Gehrig. Magic Johnson. Magn£s Ver Magn£sson. This will not be one of those – if you want to read something from the heart, read my “Editor-in-Chief’s Farewell” towards the front of the paper. Hey – how often does one person get to… Continue reading Going, Going, GONE!

Thirteen Things That Must Change Immediately at HBS

In light of the recent events regarding the Harbus and Community Standards, I believe it’s an appropriate time for HBS students to think carefully about our institution and to openly discuss aspects of HBS that warrant improvement. With that in mind, I present… Thirteen Things That Must Change Immediately at HBS 1) Remove all exclamation… Continue reading Thirteen Things That Must Change Immediately at HBS