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Put your data analysis skills to the test – take part in the Datathon for Diabetes
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Put your data analysis skills to the test – take part in the Datathon for Diabetes

Diabetes is a global pandemic. Characterized by chronic high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) due to the body’s failure to produce enough insulin, diabetes affects over 9% of the population in the US alone, and of those people, approximately 25% are undiagnosed.  More alarmingly so, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 415 million people have…

On Campus

An Offer You Can’t Refuse: A Preview of the 2012 HBS Show

There are the perennial features you can expect from the HBS Show, the musical that is completely run by students and remains one of HBS’s older traditions: An impressive showcase of  student body talent, from acting, singing, and dancing, to set and costume design, to writing and choreographing; an accurate representation of how the average…


Can’t Afford the Big Game? ScoreBig was Made for You

In a world with too many fees and not enough trust, ScoreBig offers a welcomed reprieve.  The website allows the casual fan to pay deep discount prices for sporting or event tickets, but also alleviates the concerns of unfairness to season ticket holders or other individuals who paid face value for similar tickets. Adam Kanner…


Redefining Special Needs

On October 17, 2010, over 150 athletes in 12 teams from around Massachusetts descended upon the Harvard playing fields for a flag football tournament organized jointly by Special Olympics Massachusetts and students from HKS and HBS. In addition, over 100 volunteers from HBS and HKS helped to referee the games, set up the fields, and…


Is Green REALLY the new Crimson?

Ever since I arrived as a RC last year I was bombarded with Green initiatives – work for HBS Green Living, become a Green Rep and posters of “Green is the new Crimson”. “Great!” I thought, “after living in Atlanta for seven years where there is no separate container for recyclables, finally a place where…


The Balancing Act – A Healthy Relationship versus Student Life

Uprooting a family, making new friends, moving into a smaller apartment, finding a new job, managing chaotic schedules, and dealing with financial stress are some of the obvious challenges that partners may experience when relocating with their student to HBS. While the HBS experience is said to be transformational and some of the best years…


MBA Technology Improvements

The article shares with MBA students the new technology enhancements put in place at the beginning of the semester. These enhancements include the automatic display of classes and required events on Outlook calendar, the availability of a mobile phone version of class cards, and an increase in email storage quota. This semester, MBA IT welcomed…


Need Information? Think Baker Library!

The world of business information is at your fingertips 24/7. ÿHarvard Libraries offer access to a vast array of information resources online, on the Web and in print.ÿ However, sometimes it’s not easy to find and evaluate the information you need.ÿ ÿ Whether you’re new or just need a refresher – Baker Library Services offers…


HBS Green Living Is Hiring

Apply now for the chance to share your passion for sustainability with your fellow students while demonstrating and building your own creative leadership abilities. The HBS Green Living Program, a peer-to-peer education program that promotes sustainable living among the student body, is hiring new student Representatives. Through campaigns and outreach events, Reps aim to reduce…


Reflections from the Outgoing SA Co-Presidents

Our term as Student Association Co-Presidents has officially ended. It’s been a great ride and something which was the undoubted highlight for both of us here at HBS. Thanks to every single one of you for providing us with this opportunity! With Brett and Justine now taking the helm,ÿPatrick and I have had some time…


HBS SA -Weekly

JESSICA RABLName: Jessica RablSA title: Co-Chief Development Officer (with Katina)What’s the role: This is a new role on the SA Executive Team starting this year. My main goal is to build relationships with corporate sponsors so that the SA can have more awesome/more affordable events. I hope to get as much EC/RC input as possible…


Kwama Sutra – Courting

This column is co-written with my esteemed colleague and sectionmate Renny McPherson. After a turbulent Hell Week, we both began to see clear connections between the job search and finding a mate at HBS. “If she hasn’t called me back by 8 p.m., is that a bad thing?” Beginning after President’s Day, 950 Harvard Business…


Money with Mia

Stuff happens. Risk is all around us. Some you can predict using past indicators or technology, and others are more capricious. When things become harder to foresee, many people choose to protect themselves. Most do this in the form of purchasing insurance. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Richard Ward, the CEO of…


Lessons Learned

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, I am reminded of the myriad of issues surrounding the opportunities and pitfalls of the holiday season. The lessons were to get employees involved in the decisions, support programs that impact the highest number of employees and to be spontaneous about when they occur. Once a “precedent” is established,…


The Virtue in Losing a Deal

This article illustrates key lessons from the financial crisis using a recent exercise in Real Property (EC course). Over the past 14 months, we have had plentiful opportunities to study the financial crisis from afar. We have read cases dealing with the financial crisis and listened to a plethora of speakers provide their perspectives on…


Lessons Learned

Learning how to effectively communicate with employees took many years to develop and refine.ÿIt sounds simple: tell them what is going on, listen to what they have to say and then they will do what you need them to do – but it is never that easy. It is all about developing trust and confidence…


And we walked off to look for America

The beginning of 2008, life couldn’t have gotten better-a fairy-tale love story, marriage, a dream husband, a dream destination, not just the US of A-the HARVARD Business School. Life had given us the lemonade, not just thrown us the lime. A sabbatical to join my husband in this dream mission was the best thing to…


Blades 2009 Hockey Season Preview

Coming off two straight trips to the finals in the McArthur Cup and the Tuck Tournament, the HBS Blades look to continue to dominate their B-school peers on and off the ice. The offense, which produced five goals per game last season, returns with first-year phenoms Garret Overlock (OI), Scott Prime (OE), and Brian Wannop…



To start, Scott and I wanted to thank everybody for their support, suggestions, and feedback as we’ve made the transition into the SA Co-Presidency. While we only officially took over last week, Scott and I have spent much of March and April talking with administrators, professors, club leaders, ECs, and most importantly, all of you,…


How to Get In On The Biggest Industry in America

Pop quiz: what industry represents almost a fifth of U.S. Gross Domestic Product, is the focus of one of President Obama’s newly-created Executive Offices, is challenged by issues of leadership and management (read: “opportunity”), and is getting hotter every year at HBS? No, it isn’t “Beanie Babies” – it’s Healthcare. It is no wonder that…


How to Argue like Jesus

By Charles Huang, Contributing Writer What does JC stand for? Jesus Christ to most, John Coleman (MBA/MPA OJ 2010) to others around campus. What both JCs share though, is a gift and talent for communication. Coleman has demonstrated his prowess as winner of the Fall 2008 HBS Speech Club’s BS Competition. However, some of Coleman’s…


Ten Year Reunion Message

Looking back at the last ten years, I want to start by talking about what is most important to me: my wife. She is truly my life partner, lover, mentor, work-out partner, and best friend. I love the way she challenges me, improves me, and appreciates everything I do for her and the way I…


HBS Couple Profiles – Anna Park & Dan Moon

Harbus: How did you meet?Dan: I first met Anna at her family’s house in Georgia when she was a high school senior. Her brother Steve was my fraternity pledge brother at MIT and I dropped by his house during my freshman spring break acappella tour. He introduced me to Anna who pretty much ran away…


Perspectives on Depression & Loneliness at HBS

Prior to meeting my class in the fall of 2008, I repeatedly heard that the networks you participate in and the friendships you build at HBS are just as important as the material discussed in class. I quickly learned as a new father, and the husband of a full time pharmacist, that there is little…


The Hope that Change Brings

6 members of the HBS African American Student Union (AASU) family discuss what the election of Barack Obama means to them. Lauryn Hale Barack Obama ran for President on a platform of hope and a promise of change. His victory last Tuesday, November 4th was America’s first step towards these promises becoming reality. It is…


Election Day in America

$1.5B dollars and nearly 2 years of non-stop campaigning. Thousands of hours of media coverage and millions of words of commentary and dissection. An unprecedented online campaign with Facebook fans, entertaining YouTube clips and virtual organizing like never before. Controversies, the Bradley effect, accusations, hockey moms, and various incarnations of Joe fill-in-the-blank. It all came…

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