How to Reject (or not to reject) Those Job Offers on January 18

January 18 is knocking. The companies are calling. After the courtship that has lasted several months, several negotiations and several sell-dates, it’s time to make that awkward rejection call. You want them but not crave them. You want to say no but not burn bridges. You want to come across as polite not deceitful. Yet,… Continue reading How to Reject (or not to reject) Those Job Offers on January 18

J-Crew Revisits Prom Night

My, my, my, Section J cleans up nicely. While I saw no one wearing her older sister’s prom dress like I was guilt-tripped into doing in 1991, I certainly was reminded of my prom night oh-so-many years ago. Tuxedoes, cocktail dresses, long flowing gowns-okay we left the corsages, shared limo rides and pictures with our… Continue reading J-Crew Revisits Prom Night

Classes, Club Events Called Off

Tuesday, September 11Classes canceled and scheduled to resume Wednesday. 3:30 Bunge Ltd. company briefing cancelled. 4:00 RC Q&A cancelled. 4:30 Soccer Club practice rescheduled to 4:30 Thursday. 6:00 European Club welcome rescheduled to 6:00 Thursday. Wednesday, September 12 5:00 Asia Business Club mixer postponed until further notice.