Rugby Player Profile

Position/Title:Number 8, Ruler of the Ruck, Sovereign of the Scrum, HBS RFC CaptainÿWhen did you start playing rugby?Depends who you ask.I thought I’d been playing for years, but my old man still asks “how was your soccer game?”ÿLikes:LA, sunlight, “Swedish fish” in SpanglerÿDislikes:Celtics, term bills, alarm clocksÿFavorite aspect of the club:Folks talk about FOMO and… Continue reading Rugby Player Profile

HBS Rugby Club:

As summer turns to fall a wonderful thing happens, no not the crisp cool air or the leaves changing across the Harvard campus, something even better than that. A tradition unlike any other, the HBS Rugby team suits up in their sharp red-and-black uniforms and straps on their cleats as they return to the athletic… Continue reading HBS Rugby Club:

Keynote Speaker Selected for Class Day 2010

The SA Proudly Announces the Class Day 2010 Keynote Speaker: Sir Ronald Cohen, Co-Founder and Former Chairman of Apax Partners and Chairman of The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures Sir Ronald Cohen is a founder of the private-equity industry in Europe and one of the world’s leading private-equity investors. He was the founding partner and… Continue reading Keynote Speaker Selected for Class Day 2010

Oktoberfest 2009

HBSers were in Munich last month to celebrate the 176th Oktoberfest, the most famous folk festival-and beer festival-in the world. The first barrel of beer was tapped by the Lord Mayor on opening Sunday and groups in traditional garb from all over Europe marched to the Theresienwiese The blissful, beer-laden festival lasted for a… Continue reading Oktoberfest 2009

Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Atakan Hilal (OF)

The Harbus sat down with Atakan Hilal (OF), who returned to his home country of Turkey for the summer. Atakan came to HBS with four years of experience at Nestle, a brand respected worldwide, and hoped to spend his summer trying his hand at consulting. He shared his frustration of being an international student… Continue reading Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Atakan Hilal (OF)

Winter Immersion Experience Program

The Immersion Experience Program (IXP) maximizes participant-centered learning experiences by combining the School’s distinctive case method of teaching with field-based learning activities that integrate first- and second-year students. The IXP model offers MBA students an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with faculty in a more personal, small-group learning environment. The cornerstone of the IXP is… Continue reading Winter Immersion Experience Program

Immersion Experience – How Do You See Europe?

One view is that Western Europe is a high wage, high skilled economy, and that the former Eastern Europe is only good for low wage production. This was the intended exploratory question for the 2009 European Immersion. However, the fifty HBS students who arrived in London from around the globe on January 2nd had a… Continue reading Immersion Experience – How Do You See Europe?

Discovering Dalamatia

An overview of the sites and locations along the Coast of Dalmatia in Croatia. The Dalmatian Coast of the Adriatic covers four counties in Croatia. It has long been the playground for Europe’s who-is-who during the Austro-Hungarian empire and during the days of Yugoslavia. The collapse of the former Yugoslavia and the proliferation of discount… Continue reading Discovering Dalamatia

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Enchanting Prague

At the center of Europe sits the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, considered one of the most enchanting and magical cities in Europe with her luxurious culture and rich history dating back to the 7th Century. Naked to all winds, Prague prides herself on being at the cross-roads of the world’s axes, uniting… Continue reading Enchanting Prague

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A Backpacker Convert

When I say “organized tour,” what do you imagine? Is it 35 blue-haired grannies sitting on a creaky old bus, eventually to be led through the streets of some European city by a stodgy older gent wielding an umbrella? Is it regimented days where every minute is pre-planned, and every evening spent in some soulless… Continue reading A Backpacker Convert

Ringing in 2007

2007 dawned amidst through a fog of uncertainty and uneasiness around the world. The run up to the New Year was dogged by news of the expedited execution of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, and news of the 3000th American military fatality since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Despite the relief in some… Continue reading Ringing in 2007

EC Summer Internship Experience – Value Retail

I spent my summer with Value Retail, a real estate company that specializes in building and managing premier shopping outlet villages in Europe. Scott Malkin, HBS class 1983, essentially brought the outlet village concept to Europe in the early 90’s, and today, the company has nine villages in strategic locations throughout Europe. I spent the… Continue reading EC Summer Internship Experience – Value Retail

EasyJet Founder: Brand Equity Fuels Company's Success

Stelios is one of Europe’s most famous and successful entrepreneurs. At 28, he created easyJet, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, and has since established more than 16 easy-branded ventures. Other easyGroup companies are as diverse as Internet caf‚s, on-line recruitment, music downloads, mobile telephony, car hire, buses, personal finance, cinema, male toiletries, pizza delivery, hotels, a… Continue reading EasyJet Founder: Brand Equity Fuels Company's Success

In Defense of Pharmaceuticals: Novartis CEO Speaks to HBSers

Daniel Vasella, M.D, chairman and CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis AG, was on campus last Tuesday to address HBS students in an event jointly hosted by the HBS Healthcare Club and the Strategy Unit. As the first CEO of Novartis, Dr. Vasella had a leading role in the merger of Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy and… Continue reading In Defense of Pharmaceuticals: Novartis CEO Speaks to HBSers

First HBS Copa America goes to… Europe??

HBS’ Club Latinoamericano launched this year its first Copa America, an extremely popular soccer event in Latin America, in which teams from different countries play each other in a direct elimination soccer tournament. Teams from Chile/Peru, Argentina, Brazil/El Salvador, Colombia/Venezuela, Mexico, Mexico/Nicaragua, Europe and other parts of the world joined in a highly energetic tournament… Continue reading First HBS Copa America goes to… Europe??

Experience and indication to improve globalisation

On my last visit to Japan, I had formidable experience. Let me narrate whole story started from Ahmedabad, India. I explored all possible leading money changers, but could not get converted Rupees into Yen. I tried at last on Ahmedabad International Air Port before I board on plane, went in vein, the officials assured I… Continue reading Experience and indication to improve globalisation

Bridging The Chasm: A Reconciliation of Civilizations

Turkey’s impending accession to the EU has the power to bridge the chasm between Islam & Christianity and bring hope to millions in the Islamic world. In this column, we take a look at the conditions attached to the accession, the conflicting views held by vested interests, recent developments on this issue and most importantly,… Continue reading Bridging The Chasm: A Reconciliation of Civilizations

HBS Competes at International MBA Golf Challenge

Last weekend five HBS students escaped Boston’s version of spring for a little sun, fun and golf in Barcelona, Spain. Intense competition, not relaxation, was the goal as Anthony Fernandez (OG), David Fiorentino (OH), Gog Boonswang (OA), Justin Crandall (NA) and Luis Graziani (OC) joined 16 other MBA students in representing the United States versus… Continue reading HBS Competes at International MBA Golf Challenge

Euro 2004: The Biggest Sporting Event This Spring

In June and July of this year the world’s second biggest football (soccer for those of you who think that a game where you carry the ball in your hand is called football) tournament will happen: Euro 2004. If you thought the hype surrounding the Super Bowl was big you haven’t seen anything yet… The… Continue reading Euro 2004: The Biggest Sporting Event This Spring

Interview with David Bonderman

Mr. David Bonderman, the Founding Partner of Texas Pacific Group and an alumni of Harvard Law School, is a keynote speaker at HBS’s upcoming 2004 Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference. Despite his demanding schedule, Mr. Bonderman recently took the time to speak with the Harbus in order to share his insight into the private… Continue reading Interview with David Bonderman

Signing Off

Is it just me or are e-mail closings getting out of hand? The days when one could close an e-mail with a simple “thanks” and be done are long gone. These days everyone wants to create their own unique closing, as if to show the recipient “hey, I’m different, I have my own personal style,… Continue reading Signing Off

Personal Impressions

Perhaps you have wondered what transpired in the art world to bring impressionist posters to the dorm walls of college women everywhere. The answer may lie in the current exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A strict teleological interpretation of Impressionism leads us to understand this period as a natural progression toward… Continue reading Personal Impressions

Forget Iraq:

All eyes are on Iraq these days, but conventional wisdom holds it’s just the first step of the Bush administration’s larger push to gain hegemony over the international oil and gas industry. Two factors could stand in the way of the US grand plan though: Central Asia and Europe. A microcosm of this battle is… Continue reading Forget Iraq: