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Immersion Experience – How Do You See Europe?

One view is that Western Europe is a high wage, high skilled economy, and that the former Eastern Europe is only good for low wage production. This was the intended exploratory question for the 2009 European Immersion. However, the fifty HBS students who arrived in London from around the globe on January 2nd had a…


Bridging The Chasm: A Reconciliation of Civilizations

Turkey’s impending accession to the EU has the power to bridge the chasm between Islam & Christianity and bring hope to millions in the Islamic world. In this column, we take a look at the conditions attached to the accession, the conflicting views held by vested interests, recent developments on this issue and most importantly,…


Forget Iraq:

All eyes are on Iraq these days, but conventional wisdom holds it’s just the first step of the Bush administration’s larger push to gain hegemony over the international oil and gas industry. Two factors could stand in the way of the US grand plan though: Central Asia and Europe. A microcosm of this battle is…


The State of the U.S. -Transatlantic Relationship

The Interdependence of the EU and the U.S. Mr. Fran‡ois Bujon de l’Estang, the current French Ambassador to the U.S., was greeted by the HBS community with much anticipation last Monday afternoon where he delivered the first lecture sponsored by the HBS European Club’s new team to a packed crowd in Aldrich Hall. The crowd…


Social Reform in Italy

“The faster Italy resolves its own contradictions, the greater role it will be able to play in helping Europe achieve its three main goals: political integration, institutional efficiency, and competitiveness in the global economy.” With these words, Antonio D’Amato, chairman of the Italian Business Federation, concluded the meeting with MIT and Harvard students at the…


Alumnus Speaks Frankly about Life as Ambassador to the Czech Republic

Ambassador Craig Stapleton, current U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, visited campus last Friday to reflect on his recent diplomatic experiences from both a political and personal perspective. In a very frank discussion, Ambassador Stapleton first talked about how immediate the September 11th attacks impacted his job. Having arrived to the Czech post only two…


Welch: People Matter

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric and one of America’s most admired business leaders, Friday told HBS students who hope to lead companies that they can learn important lessons from the way public officials like New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani reacted to the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. “We…


Travers Celebrates U.S. Launch of New Book

Over 100 students and faculty joined John Travers (OH) in the U.S. launch of his new book about Irish entrepreneurship, Driving the Tiger, last Wednesday in the Williams Room. The event was sponsored by Travers’ section, the Entrepreneurship Club and the Student Association, and was organized by Travers’ sectionmates Steve Shafer, Richard Linder and Priya…

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