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Auntie's Back…With a Vengeance!

Hello, Mouseketeers, I know you’ve all missed me, but don’t worry. I’m back with an Intraview that’s not to be missed. In many ways, this is the best Intraview yet-classy guys, charming women, and a car incident that’s not to be missed. There were a few speed bumps on the way, which led this article…


The Intraview:

What is the Intraview and why should you care? For the uninitiated, the Intraview is a bizarre Harbus concept in which a professional matchmaker scours the campus for the perfect couple, sends them off on an evening of their dreams, and lets the entire Harbus-reading student body learn about the results. Unfortunately, the Harbus’s ad…


Foundations Reflections

In our continuing attempt to document the reactions of the Class of 2003 to their new experiences at HBS, we asked the whole class to reflect on its experiences to date. Here are their replies:On the case method: Class commentary ranged from highly insightful to very fluffy. The case method can be an incredibly frustrating…


Ethics in Negotiations: Maybe, maybe not

It was with a lot of interest that I read the example cited by Richard Shell in his book “Bargaining for Advantage”, recommended reading for the RC Negotiations course. Shell quotes the example of Stifford, a man who finds a globe that he really likes in a store, for 500 dollars. When he states that…


Business as Unusual

Anita Roddick, CEO of The Body Shop, presented an alternate view to Harvard Business School students last week: business is not about money, it is about responsibility. Several students who left early in the presentation, mostly likely wishing that they had attended the Color Squad games instead, were probably not ready for Roddick’s healthy dose…

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