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Nature Conservancy CEO Mark Tercek Advances Sustainable Capitalism

Few understand the importance of the combination of economic growth and responsible environmental policy—the advancement of sustainable capitalism—better than Mark Tercek (HBS ’84), CEO of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and a former Partner at Goldman Sachs. Through TNC, Tercek strives to impact corporate and national environmental policy by partnering, somewhat controversially, directly with corporations whose…


Solar Versus Wind

Is solar power the answer to all of our prayers? Or will wind turbines continue to play an important role in our energy future?  Two HBS students from the Energy and the Environment Club debate this critical issue. Solar is the Future of Renewable Energy Generation by Evan Hindman (OI) With the rise of atmospheric carbon…


Prioritizing the Public Stakeholder

“Just as firms innovate in technology and innovate in business model, I think the great firms of the next five to ten years are also going to be innovating around governance regimes and around how they think about the role they play in our society.” – Professor Rebecca Henderson Climate change presents the world with…


The Paradox of Resource Nationalism

Few industries evoke stronger feelings of nationalism than commodities. Think Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Think (alleged) Oil Wars in the Middle East. Think Blood Diamonds. From developed countries such as Australia to many a nation in sub-Saharan Africa, commodities form the backbone of economies. For others, such as Japan, for whom nature hasn’t dealt…

On Campus

Eclectic Perspectives on an Electric Industry

The Energy and Environment Club will host its eighth annual Energy Symposium, this year entitled “Dialogue for a Brighter Future,” on October 22nd.  The flagship event, entirely student organized replica watches, is the first symposium on the HBS calendar and one of the most attended on campus.  It is also the opportunity for club presidents…


Energy Geopolitics — Kind of a Big Deal

Germany recently decided to decommission all of its nuclear facilities.  Solyndra, a solar energy firm, which received a $500 million federal loan, declared bankruptcy amid scandal and multiple investigations.  The EU is in the midst of a debate to impose their tariff system on aviation emissions for non-domestic airlines, the results of which may shape…


Green Living: Hamilton is Green

On the far corner of campus overlooking the Charles River sits Hamilton Hall-one of the most talked about residences among both returning and new students this year. This is no surprise since it is newly renovated and offers dorm rooms that are far more spacious than other residence hall offerings. One returning EC described it…


ENERGY! You Will Feel It

This is the second article in a series by the HBS Boston Marathon Team.ENERGY! Do you feel it? Read the story of six of your classmates who are running the Boston Marathon for the West End Boys and Girls Club marathon charity program and come to the ENERGY! fundraising party this Thursday April 4th, and…


ENERGY – It's Coming and You Can't Stop It

ENERGY. Some people exude it while others struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Where can you find some extra energy to make it through the semester? In this, the second in a series of articles highlighting the efforts of six of your classmates to run the Boston Marathon and raise funds for…

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